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Quantity of 24-Hour Urine Protein

Quantity of 24-hour urine protein is a urine test that focus on measuring the amount of protein released in urine over a 24-hour period. It plays an important role in diagnosing kidney problem. In normal condition, only a small amount of protein (40-80 milligram) leak into urine, as most of the protein are preserved in blood owing to glomerular filtration membrane. By measuring the exact amount of protein in urine, can we know clearly if there is kidney problem.

Quantity of 24-hour urine protein is a reliable test for kidney disease patients, but not everyone with abnormal test report is definitely suffering from kidney problem. We may be tested to have excess protein in urine due to many reasons like drastic physical exercises and high protein intake and so on. Generally, usually, kidney disease is considered as the cause of proteinuria when more than 150mg protein is found in urine.

Kidney disease causes no obvious symptoms or discomforts in early stage, so if we want to have a timely diagnosis about it, regular medical test, including quantity of 24-hour urine protein, is necessary and imperative.