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The Bad Habit Can Cause The Renal Failure

Many bad habits can hurt the kidney, but they have not attracted much attention. When renal failure is discovered during the examination, such questions can always be heard. Why is there no symptoms at all? Why did I suddenly get the kidney...Read More

Is It Possible To Cure The Kidney Cyst?

To many kidney cyst patients they often worry about their cyst ,for the western medicine can not help them improve the condition and the cyst will grow up gradually to affect their normal life.that is a very suffering course to them, and th...Read More

Is It Possible To Cure the Glomerulonephritis?

When you have kidney disease the first thing you eagerly want to know is that what is the best treatment and when you can recover again to the normal life,but more and more kidney patients are disappointed and lose their confidence for the...Read More

How To Do For the Acute Nephritis At Home

As to many persons they often ignore the infection of many triggers, once they find the bad test results the kidney has been damaged. Nephritis is very common in life. It can be seen in adults, but it can also occur in children.In their dai...Read More

Nephritis Is It Normal to Suffer from the Relapse of Proteinuria

Is it normal for a patient with nephritis to suffer from the relapse of proteinuria? Of course not. While, why many patients consider it as a regular phenomenon? And how to cease it radically? Some patients said that they have experienced p...Read More

Nephritis and Edema What is Effective Treatment Method

It is a common phenomenon that the nephritis patients have the serious or light edema in the body. And this has an impact on their life. However, most patients can not completely get rid of the edema. While, what is effective treatment meth...Read More

Would Herbal Medicine Treatment Stop the Relapse of Nephritis

Just as the name implies, nephritis is there are obstinate inflammations in kidneys. Moreover, nephritis will reoccur over and over again even if the patients followed what the doctor suggested, during which process, the renal function will...Read More

Would Edema Be Relieved Naturally in Nephritis With Herbal Medicine

Herbal medicine has showed a great function of controlling many illness conditions. While, would edema be relieved naturally in nephritis with herbal medicine? Why do nephritis patients usually get ill with edema? Nephritis means there are...Read More

Herbal Medicine Product Is It Helpful to Control Edema in Nephritis

Herbal medicine product is to make use of special herbs orally and externally to help the patients live away from the illnesses safely. Nowadays, it has been adopted for managing many problems. While, is it helpful to control edema in nephr...Read More

Blood In Urine and Chronic Nephritis, How To Recover Kidney Function

Chronic nephritis, which can be caused by so many conditions, is a common kidney disorder in which there are somethings wrong with the kidneys. While, how to recover kidney function in chronic nephritis and blood in urine? What does blood i...Read More