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Which Herbal Medicines Can Help Stage 5 Kidney with Creatinine 8.8

Herbal medicines referring to Oral Chinese Medicine Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Toxin-Removing Therapy, Foot Bath, Immunotherapy and so on is able to treat the patients from the root causes naturally. But, which herbal medi...Read More

Creatinine 3.88 and Diabetic Nephropathy, How to Treat Itching Skin

Itching skin is like to influence patients appearance as well as their daily life. Especially for diabetic, it will lead to infection, ulceration and other problems. While, how to treat itching skin for diabetic nephropathy with creatinine...Read More

Diabetes Nephropathy and Creatinine 5.85 How to Alleviate Edema

The diabetic usually gets edema at the time when there are somethings wrong with kidneys. Edema can be systemic or local, which bother patients normal life a lot. Therefore, how to alleviate edema for diabetes nephropathy and creatinine 5.8...Read More

How to Deal with Edema for Diabetic Nephropathy Patients with Creatinine 206.51

First at all, we need to tell you that there are many ways can help the diabetic nephropathy patients with creatinine 206.51umol/L to treat edema , such as steroids, Toxin-Removing Therapy, Full Bath Therapy and so on. However, only when th...Read More

Hematuria and Diabetic Nephropathy, Is There Any Method to Cure It

Diabetic nephropathy refers to a sort of kidney damage caused by years of uncontrolled high blood sugar. When the patients have trouble with hematuria, a presence of blood in urine, usually the kidney is damaged so badly that is failed to f...Read More

Creatinine 5.8 in Diabetes Is It High

Creatinine 5.8 in Diabetes is it high? Actually, creatinine 5.8 in Diabetes is quite high that means you’ve got Diabetic Nephropathy...Read More

How to Relieve Symptoms of Nausea and Vomiting in Diabetic Nephropathy

How to relieve symptoms of nausea and vomiting in diabetic nephropathy ? Nausea and vomiting are common symptoms of diabetic nephropathy, the cause is the serious decline in glomerular filtration rate...Read More

What are the Causes and Treatment of Insomnia in Diabetic Nephropathy

What are the causes and treatment of insomnia in diabetic nephropathy ? Due to the decrease in renal function, many toxins accumulate in the body, damage the brain and nervous system of the patient...Read More

Protein in Urine Means What for Diabetic Nephropathy Patient

Protein in urine means what for Diabetic Nephropathy patient ? In fact, proteinuria is the progressive indicator of Diabetic Nephropath...Read More

Nausea in Diabetes and Kidney Disease What is the Reason and How to Treat It

Diabetes and kidney disease is known as Diabetic Nephropathy it is a sencondery disease caused by Diabetes, and nausea is one of the symptoms of it. Then what is the reasons of nauses in Diabetes and kidney disease and how to treat it ?...Read More