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Hematuria and Diabetic Nephropathy, Is There Any Method to Cure It

Diabetic nephropathy refers to a sort of kidney damage caused by years of uncontrolled high blood sugar. When the patients have trouble with hematuria, a presence of blood in urine, usually the kidney is damaged so badly that is failed to f...Read More

Creatinine 5.8 in Diabetes Is It High

Creatinine 5.8 in Diabetes is it high? Actually, creatinine 5.8 in Diabetes is quite high that means you’ve got Diabetic Nephropathy...Read More

How to Relieve Symptoms of Nausea and Vomiting in Diabetic Nephropathy

How to relieve symptoms of nausea and vomiting in diabetic nephropathy ? Nausea and vomiting are common symptoms of diabetic nephropathy, the cause is the serious decline in glomerular filtration rate...Read More

What are the Causes and Treatment of Insomnia in Diabetic Nephropathy

What are the causes and treatment of insomnia in diabetic nephropathy ? Due to the decrease in renal function, many toxins accumulate in the body, damage the brain and nervous system of the patient...Read More

Protein in Urine Means What for Diabetic Nephropathy Patient

Protein in urine means what for Diabetic Nephropathy patient ? In fact, proteinuria is the progressive indicator of Diabetic Nephropath...Read More

Nausea in Diabetes and Kidney Disease What is the Reason and How to Treat It

Diabetes and kidney disease is known as Diabetic Nephropathy it is a sencondery disease caused by Diabetes, and nausea is one of the symptoms of it. Then what is the reasons of nauses in Diabetes and kidney disease and how to treat it ?...Read More

9.2 Creatinine in Diabetes Can I Avoid Kidney Transplant

This is an inquiry we got from one patient, he stated, “I am suffering from 9.2 creatinine in Diabetes. Can I avoid kidney transplant?”...Read More

3.3 Creatinine in Diabetic Kidney Disease How to Avoid Dialysis

Diagnosis of 3.3 creatinine in Diabetic Kidney Disease often indicates that the patient has developed into stage 3 CKD. At this point, how to avoid dialysis?...Read More

Chinese Medicine for Swollen Ankles in Diabetes

Swollen ankles is a common problem of people with Diabetes. Here, we will introduce Chinese medicine treatment for this symptom....Read More

What are the Common Symptoms for People with Diabetes

What are the common symptoms for people with diabetes? As we know, diabetes is a one of the most common causes of kidney disease, so people should pay attention to some common symptoms of diabetes and prevent the kidney damage. Diabetes is...Read More