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Diagnosis of Hematuria Position

What is hematuria position?

Hematuria is also commonly called blood urine and it indicates there are excess red blood cells in urine. Hematuria position refers to the specific location that red blood cells leak out. Urine test is the basic to diagnose hematuria position.

What are the benefits to diagnose hematuria position?

In medicine, there are mainly two types of hematuria: Microscopic Hematuria and Gross Hematuria. Many conditions can cause hematuria and kidney disease is just one of them. For kidney disease patients, diagnosis of hematuria position has the following benefits:

1. It helps us know well about the exact cause of hematuria In normal condition, only a very small amount of red blood cell leak into urine, as most of the red blood cells are kept in blood owing to glomerular filtration membrane. When kidneys are injured and glomerular filtration membrane fails to function properly, red blood cells leak into urine, causing glomerular hematuria. Diagnosis of hematuria position can help us know well whether excess red blood cells leak into urine due to damaged glomerular filtration membrane.

2. It lays a firm foundation for an effective treatment Without knowing the exact cause of hematuria, the following treatment will be unwarranted. Many kidney disease patients complain their illness relapses over time, just because the treatment is not based on the exact causes. Actually not only for kidney disease, but also for other illnesses, without removing the cases, illness can not be brought under control effectively.