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How Long Can a Transplant Kidney Last

How long can a transplant kidney last ? This question is associated with many kidney disease patient who are going to take renal transplant. In fact, the times is different from person to person, because there are may factor will affect the ...Read More

Life Expectancy of Patient with Stage 5 Kidney Disease and on Dialysis

As we all know when people fall into stage 5 kidney disease, dialysis will be recommend to them to prolong their life span. Then What is the life expectancy for people with sage 5 kidney disease and on dialysis ?...Read More

Is there a Possibility of Survival for People with Stage 5 Chronic Kidney Disease

“My wife is a stage 5 chronic kidney disease patient. Is there a possibility of survival ? High blood pressure sometimes but she is constantly experiencing vomiting and phlegm is visible”...Read More

How Long Can A Person Live with Untreated Uremia

How long can a person live with untreated Uremia ? Uremia also known as the End Stage Renal Disease, which is a life-threatening disease. Normally, patient will take dialysis or transplant to prolong their life span. But some of them do not ...Read More

Can You Live a Normal Life with Polycystic Kidney Disease in ESRD

Many patients have consulted us about this question, “Can you live a normal life with Polycystic Kidney Disease in ESRD?” In the following article, let’s talk about this issue together....Read More

Creatinine 11 in ESRD without Dialysis How Long to Live

Hello, Sir, I am suffering from end-stage renal disease (ESRD) with creatinine 11 and do not want to get dialysis. How long can I live?...Read More

Kidney Function at 8% without Dialysis How Long can You Live

How long can you live if kidney function at 8% without dialysis? If you are seeking for an answer to this question, you can check this text....Read More

Prognosis of Kidney Disease Stage 5 and Creatinine 7.3 No Dialysis

What is the prognosis of Kidney Disease Stage 5 and creatinine 7.3 without dialysis? After getting asked about this question, we offer explanation as below....Read More

What is Prognosis for Kidneys are Functioning at 10% in Diabetes

What is prognosis for kidneys are functioning at 10% in Diabetes? Many patients have consulted us about this question. To help patients who have similar doubt, we offer the following explanation....Read More

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