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Is Dialysis Necessary for Creatinine Level of 6.3 in ESRD

Is Dialysis necessary for patient with creatinine level of 6.3 in ESRD? After getting asked about this question, we provide the following explanation....Read More

Serum Creatinine 5.9 in ESRD What Happens If Left Untreated

Hi, my age is 55 and I am suffering from serum creatinine 5.9 in ESRD. What happens if left untreated? Need your kind help....Read More

ESRD:Renal Atrophy and High BUN

End Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) is also called Kidney Failure.When patients enter into End Stage Renal Disease,symptoms like renal atrophy and high BUN are following.How does ESRD develop with renal atrophy and high BUN?What should we do for...Read More

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