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I Have Creatinine of 5.4 in Hypertensive Kidney Disease What to Do

I have creatinine of 5.4 in Hypertensive Kidney Disease. What should I do to deal with the disorder?...Read More

7.3 Creatinine Level with Hypertensive Kidney Disease Do I Need Dialysis

‘I am suffering from 7.3 creatinine level with Hypertensive Kidney Disease. Do I need dialysis?’ In response to this query, we provide analysis as below. ...Read More

BUN of 70 and Creatinine 6 in Hypertensive Kidney Disease

My brother has been diagnosed of BUN of 70 and creatinine 6 in Hypertensive Kidney Disease. Would you please give us some advice?...Read More

7.5 Creatinine in Hypertensive Kidney Disease Is It Dangerous

After getting diagnosed of 7.5 creatinine in Hypertensive Kidney Disease, patients may wonder if this disorder is dangerous. If you have similar doubt, please read this article....Read More

Hypertensive Kidney Disease and Creatinine 7 without Dialysis

What if Hypertensive Kidney Disease and creatinine 7 without dialysis? If you are looking for an answer to this question, you are invited to read the following article....Read More

Kidney Function is 14% with Hypertensive Kidney Disease What to Do

What to do if kidney function is 14% with Hypertensive Kidney Disease? After getting asked about this query, we offer explanation as below....Read More

When to Diagnose Hypertensive Nephropathy

Now, high blood pressure has been the second leading cause of Chronic Kidney Disease. We call kidney disease due to hypertension Hypertensive Nephropathy. In the early stage, it is easy to be ignored. Thus, when people are diagnosed with Hy...Read More

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