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Kidney Disease

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Itching Skin in Kidney Failure

Itching Skin in Kidney Failure: Causes and Treatments

Many patients with kidney failure always complain of itching skin that makes them can't help scratching their skin. This affects their overall healthy quality as well as sleep quality. In view of this, finding out the causes and then adopting the corresponding treatments of itching skin is quite necessary for these patients.


In kidney failure, nearly all of kidney function is damaged. Then, some conditions due to kidney damage can cause skin itching.

1. The build up of uremic toxins: These uremic toxins may irritate nerve endings in the skin, resulting in itching.

2. High phosphorus level: In kidney failure, the balance of calcium and phosphorus is ruined, because damaged kidneys can't get rid of excess phosphorus efficiently. As a result, calcium and phosphorus combines to form crystals that deposit in the skin to cause skin itching.

3. High PTH: Parathyroid gland makes more PKD along with low calcium level, and one side effect of high PTH is that some cells multiply rapidly in the skin. Then, patients feel itchy easily.

4. Dialysis: Some kidney failure patients have begun dialysis. During or after dialysis, patients' skin itching may result from various allergies to heparin, dialyzer or medications.


No matter how itchy your skin is, never scratch it. This is because it may cause infections that is a risk for patients with kidney failure. Here, we would like to give some suggestions to ease skin itching in kidney failure based on its causes. If you are one among them, you will find these methods are easy and worth a try.

- Control the intake of phosphorus: If your phosphorus level is higher than the normal, you should avoid foods rich in phosphorus. Sea foods, nuts, mushroom, animal plucks, etc, all contain high phosphorus.

- Scientific dialysis modifications: If skin itching appears during or after dialysis, you should tell the doctor immediately to make sure you can receive dialysis safely.

- Kidney repair treatment: Since low kidney function is the root cause, treatments that can repair damaged kidneys and improve kidney function are needed. Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy and Blood Pollution Therapy can be selected according to your specific condition. As long as kidney function increases to more than 15% and maintains stable, you can get rid of dialysis successfully.