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I Have Lupus Nephritis What are the Chances of Getting Pregnant

I have lupus for five years now what are my chances of getting pregnant ? Actually, patient with kidney disease is not recommended to get pregnant, because that may make further damage to the kidneys and make the disease worse, so do the sam...Read More

Stages of Lupus Nephritis and the Treatment of It

Today i will share you some details about the stages of Lupus Nephritis and the treatment of it, hoping it can help you to know more about your disease....Read More

Is GFR 16 Bad for a Person with Purpura Nephritis

Is GFR 16 bad for a person with Purpura Nephritis? We have got asked about this question. If you have similar doubt, read the following article....Read More

How Is Lupus Deadly

Lupus, also known as SLE (systemic lupus erythematosus), is one autoimmune disease in which many organs and systems are involved. Meanwhile, Lupus symptoms are usually so aggressive that patients cant help asking: how is Lupus deadly? Lupus...Read More

Is Lupus Deadly

Is Lupus deadly? For people who are newly diagnosed with Lupus, they are not familiar with Lupus and of course, they have no awareness about how serious Lupus is and what will happen if one is affected by Lupus. Here, we will give an introd...Read More

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