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Lymphocyte Subset for Immune System

Lymphocyte subset is an important clinical test to detect cellular immunity and humoral immunity, so as to reflect the function and balance of immune system. This test involves seven items.

1. CD4

It is assistant T cell and initiates the immune response by secreting cytokines.

2. CD8

CD8, also known as cellular toxic T cells, can dissolve the target cells that express exogenous protein.

3. CD4/CD8

It shows the condition of immune system. If its value increases, it means overactivity of immune system, while it reveals immune inhibition if the value drops.

4. B cell

It can differentiate into plasma cells to produce antibodies. Also, it can present antigens for assistant T cells, thus taking part in immune adjustment.

5. NK cell

NK cells can kill the target cells of tumor and virus infections directly and play an important role in the process of the body’s immune surveillance and early infections.

6. The measurement of blood concentration of cyclosporine

It indicates whether patients are using medicines safely. When its value is under 200 ug/L, it shows insufficient dose, but if the value is above 400 ug/l, patients may have some toxic side effects.

7. Allergen

Allergen is helpful to diagnose allergic diseases and reminds patients of inhalation or food allergy material.