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Kidney Disease

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Proteinuria and Kidney Disease

Proteinuria, as one dominant symptom of various kidney diseases, can not only help indicate patients’ illness condition but also cause further kidney damage if uncontrolled well. From this point, making clear the causes and managements of proteinuria due to kidney disease is very essential.

The causes of proteinuria

Proteinuria refers to urine with an abnormal amount of protein. Because of glomerular filtration function and renal tubular reabsorption function, healthy kidneys don’t allow a significant amount of protein to leak from the kidney filters. However, when these filters are damaged, protein is more likely to leak into the urine, thus forming proteinuria. From this analysis, we can know proteinuria can result from glomerular damage or renal tubular damage.

Besides, this symptom may also occur as a consequence of excess protein intake, that is to say, unhealthy diet habit is another cause of proteinuria in kidney disease.

The managements of proteinuria

Proteinuria is not a specific disease, so its management should depend on the underlying cause. If the person’s proteinuria is temporary, no treatment is necessary. If not, he/she may need the following treatments:

1. Control the intake of protein: For people with kidney disease and proteinuria, excess intake of protein will increase the workload on kidneys, so as to aggravate kidney disease. If you have proteinuria and kidney disorder, make sure how much protein you can take in every day with the guidance of online doctor.

2. Take some medicines: Individuals with proteinuria have a great difference in the need of medications. In some cases, ACEI and ARB are used to lower blood pressure and ease proteinuria. In some other cases, diuretics are taken to reduce the amount of protein in urine. What’s more, some natural herbal medicines such as cinnamon and ground beeltle also have an effect on treating proteinuria, through anti-inflammation and regulating blood circulation.

3. Kidney repair treatment: Since damage to glomeruli or renal tubules is the root cause, repairing kidney damage should be the fundamental treatment. As long as the kidney filters are able to work normally again, proteinuria can be treated completely. Therefore, kidney repair treatment should be sought.