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Is 2.3 mg/dl of Creatinine and Presence of Protein in Urine Alarming

Is 2.3 mg/dl of creatinine and presence of protein in urine alarming? This is asked by a reader in the recently days ago. If you also have the elevated creatinine level or protein in urine, please read the full article or chat with Online D...Read More

Would Proteinuria 3+ Be Controlled to - with Chinese Medicine

At present, Chinese medicine becomes more and more popular in the world as it can be applied to treat many diseases fundamentally and naturally. However, would proteinuria 3+ be controlled to...Read More

GFR 32 and Excessive Protein Leakage in Urine Is It Caused by Creatinine 263

A nephritis patient asked our doctor in recent days that I have excessive protein leakage in urine , and GFR is 32 , is this caused by creatinine 263? I do believe some patients will have some puzzles about the kidney problem. Here I would...Read More

What Should We Do Once Protein Appears in Urine with Normal Creatinine

If there are bubbles appearing in urine, is it a symbol of renal problem? What should we do once protein appears in urine with normal creatinine? Is it serious? Interested in these, welcome to contact Online Doctor for information freely. I...Read More

Is It Necessary to Dispel Proteinuria Thoroughly in Nephrotic Syndrome

“Hello, doctor. My son is 18 years old. He was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome when he was only eleven. After treatment, he was recovered...Read More

What Medicines Should I Take For Foamy In Urine

Hello, doctor. I have diabetes for ten years. And in recent days, I find out there are some foamy in my urine. What medicines should I take for foamy in urine? If you have the similar problem, you can gain the free guidance from Online Doct...Read More

Protein 2+ and Occult Blood + How to Treat the 4 Year Old Boy

Hey guys. I read you online that you provide help with kidney problems. My 4 years old son is having some issues with his kidneys. I have the reports I can share on whatsapp. The article had your email address also to send in inquiries. Wou...Read More

Can Chinese Medicine be Helpful for Proteinuria Instead of Steroid

Proteinuria is a very usual symptom of kidney disease in which case there are some things wrong with kidneys. When the condition become deteriorated, steroid will be adopted. However, the patients and their family number also wonder can Chi...Read More

Renal Function 25% Would Proteinuria Be Dispelled Naturally in CKD

Would proteinuria be dispelled naturally in CKD with renal function 25%? Here the article is aimed at accounting for this question. Or you can contact Online Doctor for more information freely. What is the clinical stage of kidney disease?...Read More

What Medicines Can be Used to Treat Proteinuria in Kidney Disease

Proteinuria is the most common symptom of kidney disease, it is caused by kidney disease, without good control, it also will worsen the kidney disease...Read More