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Without Dialysis How Long can HSP Nephritis and 20% Kidney Function Survive

Without dialysis, patient with HSP Nephropathy and 20% kidney function still can live longer with the help of our unique therapies. ...Read More

What to Do to Slow Progression of Kidney Failure & Purpura Nephritis

In order to slow the progression of Kidney Failure with Purpura Nephritis, patients are suggested to follow strategies as below....Read More

HSP Nephritis and Stage 4 Kidney Disease: Can I Avoid Dialysis

After getting diagnosed of HSP Nephritis and Stage 4 Kidney Disease, you may wonder whether you can avoid dialysis or not. In this article, let’s talk about this issue....Read More

5.4 Creatinine Level in Purpura Nephritis How to Avoid Dialysis

I was told that I have 5.4 creatinine level in Purpura Nephritis. Could you please advise how can I avoid dialysis? Thanks in advance....Read More

What Should Patients with Allergic Purpura Eat

Allergic Purpura is a kind of pathological changes which is caused by the allergic inflammation in blood vessels. It can cause many diseases in our body systems, and purpura nephritis is a significant complication of it. Patients with aller...Read More

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