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How Serious Is Creatinine 9.4 and How to Treat It for My Brother

Guest 10-31 02:07:06 Creatinine level of my brother is 9.4mg/dl. How serious is this? And how to treat? kidney-expert 10-31 02:07:26 Creatinine 9.4mg/dl shows his kidneys are damaged more than 90%, and that he has a great amount toxins and...Read More

Is there Any Problem If Kidney Failure Patient with Creatinine 9.4 Not to Take Dialysis

My father’s creatinine level has up to 9.4 but without any serious symptoms. I want to know is there any problem if he not to take dialysis?...Read More

Is Dialysis the Only Option for Kidney Failure Patient with Creatinine 9.4

Is dialysis the only option for kidney failure patient with creatinine 9.4 ? It is known that dialysis is the most common treatment of kidney failure...Read More

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