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Kidney Functions 9% And Back Pain Are In Dialysis

Hi, doctor, i am a dialysis patient, creatinine is very high, low kidney functions 9%, back pain. I read your article that i have all the complications, and will i relieve all the complications in 10-15 days through improving kidney function...Read More

46 Years Female Chinese Herbal Medicines Help PKD Patient Relieve Back Pain

In the morning, when i opened E-mail:, i found the message came from a PKD patient, who asked us to give suggestion on her illness conditions. Here i will share some details of the message, suggestion on PKD. ...Read More

Creatinine 5.8 and Back Pain, Is It A Cure for Diabetic Nephropathy

Back pain is a common symptom of kidney problem. And the diabetic nephropathy patients with creatinine 5.8 have to take dialysis for the purpose of stay alive on account of the serious complications and symptoms. So, is it a cure for diabet...Read More

I Have Pain at My Lower Back Is It A Sign of Kidney Problem

Many factors can induce back pain, kidney disease also can cause it. Then if people have pain at their lower pain is it a sigh of kidney problem ? ...Read More

Is There a Natural Treatment for Back Pain with Chronic Kidney Disease

The back pain caused by kidney problem is hard to cure. So, is there a natural treatment for back pain with chronic kidney disease?...Read More

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