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How to Reduce Creatinine 3.9 for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

How to reduce creatinine 3.9 for chronic kidney disease patients? The patients with creatinine 3.9 usually suffer from many illness conditions. So that, they are in sore need of reducing the high creatinine level. But the problem is that th...Read More

How Can I Control My Blood Pressure Well in Hemodialysis

Good morning, sir. I have been on dialysis for about 6 months. And my blood pressure is 90/160, which was 75/130 before hemodialysis. The medicine does not take any effects on lowering it. How can I control my blood pressure well in dialysi...Read More

Creatinine 5.8 and Back Pain, Is It A Cure for Diabetic Nephropathy

Back pain is a common symptom of kidney problem. And the diabetic nephropathy patients with creatinine 5.8 have to take dialysis for the purpose of stay alive on account of the serious complications and symptoms. So, is it a cure for diabet...Read More

How Serious Is Creatinine 9.4 and How to Treat It for My Brother

Guest 10-31 02:07:06 Creatinine level of my brother is 9.4mg/dl. How serious is this? And how to treat? kidney-expert 10-31 02:07:26 Creatinine 9.4mg/dl shows his kidneys are damaged more than 90%, and that he has a great amount toxins and...Read More

What To Do with Creatinine 6.9 and Edema in Hypertensive Nephropathy

Hypertensive nephropathy is a common kidney disease caused by years of uncontrolled blood pressure which will bring many discomforts to the patients. While, what to do with creatinine 6.9 and edema in hypertensive nephropathy? How edema app...Read More

I Want to Regarding Immunotherapy for My Father With Creatinine 9.32

Guest 10-25 17:10:49 My father is suffering from kidney disease. kidney-expert 10-25 17:11:21 What is the current kidney function or creatinine level? Do you know? Guest 10-25 17:11:53 Creatinine is 9.32. I want to regarding immunotherapy....Read More

Urea 105.40 and Creatinine 4.74, What Should I Do for My Mom

Visitor 10-29 11:00:14 My mom has a kidney disease. She has high urea and creatinine. kidney-expert 10-29 11:00:41 What is the current kidney function or creatinine level? Do you know? Visitor 10-29 11:00:57 Yes. Urea 105.40. Creatinine 4.7...Read More

Is It Curable for My Father with Kidney Disease and Creatinine 5.4

Visitor 10-08 00:23:35 Hello. Please are you online all the time or you have a specific time one can reach you? kidney-expert 10-08 00:24:04 On my work time. But you can find a doctor here at all hours. Is there anyone with kidney problem?...Read More

What Can I Do for My Mother with Kidney Problem

Patient: Can you guide me? What can I shall do for my mother? Doctor: Before giving your suggestions, I need to know more. Does she have high blood pressure or diabetes? Patient: She is bp patient. High bp. Doctor: How long does she have hi...Read More

How to Take Away Poisonous Depositions Apart From Dialysis

As more and more poisonous are aggregated in the body, the patients will endure edema, weakness, back pain or other discomforts as a consequence of the inoperative kidneys. While, how to take sway poisonous deposition apart from dialysis? 1...Read More