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Micro-Chinese Medicine Therapy for IgA Nephropathy in Hospital

2014-07-28 09:56

For patients who are suffering from IgA Nephropathy, they are seeking some natural remedies to reduce the pains. Micro-Chinese Medicine Therapy as a new cure methods has become a hot focus, if you want to know weather you are suitable to this therapy, you can consult our online doctors.

What is IgA Nephropathy ?

IgA Nephropathy (IgAN), also called Berger's Disease, is a kidney disorder that attacks when IgA—a protein is supposed to help the body fight against infections—lodges in kidneys instead. The IgA deposition in the kidneys hampers kidneys' ability to filter waste, excess water and electrolytes from blood. Over time, blood and protein in urine occurs as a result of this disease.

What is Micro-Chinese Medicine Therapy ?

It is a kind of unique Chinese medicine external application treatment, by applying the herbal bags with Chinese medicine active material on the patient’s back, paralleling his kidney, shen shu acupoint, herbs molecule by the vibrating of a treatment machine, permeating through human body from skin, cell space and tissue space and rete sequentially, finally getting into kidneys to improve kidneys’ micro-circulation and restore the damaged kidney function effectively.

With the help of Micro-Chinese Medicine Therapy, the IgA deposited in the kidneys can be removed and the kidney disorder can be reversed. What’s more, for patients who are in the early stage of this disease may have a chance to get recovery from it. So the earlier you can get this treatment, the better the curative effect is.

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