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Chinese Medicine Can Treat IgA Nephropathy Effectively

2018-10-31 10:11

To most kidney patients the IgA nephropathy is difficult to treat.In clinical research, IgA nephropathy is caused by immune disorder. Thus the proper treatment for IgA nephropathy should put key on the regulation of immune system and immunity increase. Immunotherapy is made on the basis of this theory. Is it helpful for IgA nephropathy?

This answer is YES. In China, in order to eliminate the immune complexes in the kidney, we use Chinese medicines. They have many useful functions to extend blood vessels, improve blood circulation, increase blood flow volume and discharge toxins and excess waste products in the kidney effectively. Based on this theory, we create immunotherapy aiming to correct kidney disease induced by immune complexes deposit.

Then you should know what the functions of Immunotherapy are.

Immunotherapy mainly has main six steps: accurate diagnosis, immune blocking, immune tolerance, immune clearance, immune regulation and immune protection. It can help patients clear immune complexes, regulate immune system, and protect the residual functions from the further damage. With the help of this treatment, patients can keep away from infection and avoid the deterioration of the condition through increasing immunity.

From the above we can see that immunotherapy can help IgA nephropathy increase immunity and regulate immune disorder. Of course, we will combine other natural Chinese treatments to make better effects.

To most of patients the Chinese herbal medicine is strange in treatment,but it can help you improve the kidney condition and if you are interested in it please contact us through the following:

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