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About Us


The aims at increasing awareness of kidney disease and helping people master related information about kidney and kidney diseases. Kidney failure is life-threatening, especially when it deteriorates to advanced stage, so a timely diagnosis and a tight control of illness condition plays a crucial role in prolong one’s life span and improve life quality.

Our mission:

1. Help to increase awareness of kidney disease by spreading related information.

2. Help patients reduce sufferings by teaching them hot to cope with kidney disease

What can we do?

1. Help people master information about how to prevent kidney problem.

2. Provide basic information about different kinds of kidney disease.\

3. Teach kidney disease patients how to eat with impaired kidneys.

4. Provide latest information about drugs, treatment and remarkable findings and clinical studies on kidney disease.

5. Provide free online service. Kidney disease patients can get their kidney regarding questions solved quickly. Also, they can get personalized treatment schedule from our online-doctors.

Privacy policy will never share your personal information with others for commercial purpose. Please feel free to consult our online-doctors about kidney problem or leaving us message to get related suggestions through Contact Us.