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IgA Nephropathy with 68% Damaged Kidney: Is there Any Chance to Reverse It

2016-03-11 14:07

IgA Nephropathy with 68% Damaged Kidney: Is there Any Chance to Reverse ItIs there any chance to reverse IgA Nephropathy with 68% damaged kidney? For IgA Nephropathy patients 68% damaged kidneys mean their kidney disease has progressed into Stage 3 Kidney Disease and close to stage 4. So, for patient who want to reverse it they should take proper treatment right now.

How to reverse IgA Nephropathy with 68% damaged kidney?

According to the above analysis, the treatments should include the following aspects if IgA Nephropathy patients with 30% kidney function want to reverse their kidney damage.

First of all, keep kidney condition from worsening. For example, if patients have high blood pressure, they are suggested to take anti-hypertensive medications like ACEI and ARBs with doctor's guidance. If they have proteinuria, ACEI, steroids and thunder god vine are used commonly to manage patients' protein leakage.

Secondly, Immunotherapy or Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is needed to repair damaged kidney cells and improve patients' kidney function. Both of these two therapies can remove immune complexes, regulate the immune system, protect the residual kidney cells, and prompt the recovery of impaired kidney cells. As long as damaged kidney cells recover to work gradually, it means patients' kidney damage is reversed successfully.

Lastly, patients should modify their diet plan and lifestyle along with their illness changes. A healthy diet plan and lifestyle can help manage IgA Nephropathy complications and improve patients' prognosis.

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