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Treatment for IgA Nephropathy with Protein in Urine

2016-05-13 17:59

Treatment for IgA Nephropathy with Protein in UrineAs we all know IgA Nephropathy is hard to be treated, so in order to help more patient with this disease to live better, here i will share you something about the treatment for this disease, hope you can learn some useful things here.

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Is it possible to control IgA Nephropathy with protein in urine?

Actually, whether a IgA Nephropathy patient can get rid of this disease or not depend on many factors, but among them the treatments is the key point. For people who can get a proper treatment, she/he may has a chance to reverse this disease totally, at least they can control it well and live a long life with it.

What treatment is helpful for treating IgA Nephropathy with protein in urine?

You know protein in urine is one of the common symptoms of this disease, so as long as you can treat this disease well, this symptoms will disappeared with the disease goes well.

The most well-known therapy is "Four 'One'"Chinese Traditional Treatment, it is not a single therapy but a series of treatments based on traditional Chinese herb medicine. The advantages of this four “one” is that the active ingredients in them can achieve the lesions directly, by discharging toxins from skin, they can help to cure Kidney Disease without make further damage to the kidneys. Compared with Western Medicine, they can cure the disease from the underlying reason and more natural.

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