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Stem Cell Therapy for IgA Nephropathy

2016-08-07 16:43

Stem Cell Therapy for IgA NephropathyIgA Nephropathy is a kind of immune system diseases, without good control, it will progressed into kidney failure rapidly, then the patient has to take dialysis. However, dialysis is not suitable for all the patient due to its side effects. So here i will recommend you a new treatment for this disease, that is Stem Cell Therapy.

Why i recommend stem cell therapy to replace dialysis?

That is because dialysis only can eliminate toxins and waste out of our body but cannot change anything about glomerulus nor repair the damaged kidneys. So patients need a new effective method to treat kidney disease from its root.

How can Stem Cell Therapy treat IgA Nephropathy?

This kind of therapy aims at cure this disease from its root not only care about symptoms. It uses the stem cells which belong to patients’ own body and have ability to reproduces more cells that can be used as kidney cells to improve kidney function. What’s more, stem cell therapy with intention of improving the whole body blood circulation and blood stasis to make patients’ body constantly recover and improve by itself. That will lead to kidney blood circulation return to normal. Plenty of blood through the kidneys will cause them to dynamic. Thus IgA Nephropathy will be treated and controlled well.

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