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Hot Compress Therapy for the Treatment of IgA Nephropathy

2016-09-12 16:35

Hot Compress Therapy for the Treatment of IgA NephropathyWithout good control IgA nephropathy will progressed into kidney failure, then the patients have to face dialysis or renal transplant. However, with the help of Hot Compress Therapy, their renal function can be improved greatly, then the patient can get a chance to avoid dialysis.

Can Hot Compress Therapy help IgA nephropathy patient avoid dialysis?

In our kidneys, there are some treatments based on traditional Chinese Herb Medicine is helpful for avoid dialysis, and Hot Compress Therapy is one of the most famous one. This treatment aims at protecting those healthy ones against more damage and repairing those impaired ones. In such a way, the renal function will be improved a lot.

How can Hot Compress Therapy help patient avoid dialysis?

To restore the impaired kidney structure and make the kidneys function better, Hot Compress Therapy is applied in the treatment process. It works in the following ways:

1.Prevent renal function from deteriorating

2.Active the self-replication of renal functional cells

3.Improve the metabolic disorders and provide an aerobic environment for repairing the impaired renal functional cells

4.Chinese medicines can provide essential substances for rebuilding kidney structure

By restoring the impaired kidney tissues and cells, your kidneys will function better. So you will certainly be able to prevent the onset of dialysis in the near future.

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