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Is the Kidney Transplant the Only Choice For the IgA Patients

2018-06-08 09:17

IgA nephropathy is caused by the accumulation of Iga in the kidney and lead to the more immune complex deposit in kidney and cause the inflammation of kidney. That will hurt the kidney inherent cells. That is a kind of immune diseases and very hard to be cured. If the Iga nephropathy patients don’t accept the reasonable treatment in time the condition is easy to deteriorate to the stage of renal failure. Once the patients develop to the end stage of renal failure the doctors in western medicine will suggest them to do kidney transplant to promote the patient’s life quality. But we must have a consideration about the treatment . Is that the only choice for the renal failure patients?

As the kidney doctor I think many doctors know the Iga nephropathy can relapse easily after the kidney transplant surgery, then the patients will suffer from the Iga nephropathy again and the worst result for them is to do the kidney transplant again. But there is no other choice for the Iga nephropathy patients in western medicine. Then the patients want to find another alternation treatment to help them recover the renal function again with any other side effect to health.

The Chinese herbal medicine therapy can help patients ,it has no any side effect to patients and can treat the disease from the root. Then more and more nephropathy patients are willing to accept the Chinese herbal medicine. In Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine the kidney experts have researched this kind of herbal medicine for many years and developed a special systemic natural treatment .The treatment principle is that before treat the nephropathy firstly do detoxification ,after the detoxification the disease recovered naturally. According to the principle our kidney experts researched the detoxification therapy that can help renal patients remove all kinds of toxins and wastes out of the blood, it not only can help repair the damaged renal cells to prevent the further damage but also can strengthen the treatment effect and efficiency.

To treat the Iga nephropathy we must accept the systemic natural treatment which include the Micro-Chinese medicine Osmotherapy, Medicated bath therapy, Medicated foot bath therapy, Acupuncture therapy, Fumigation therapy and Cupping therapy etc. With the help of these natural treatment the blood vessels can be dilated and the blood circulation can be promoted, and the extracellular matrix can be degraded ,then the renal condition can be improved apparently. The most important thing to the therapy is to adopt the western medicine to eliminate inflammation effectively, combined with western can obtain the more effective treatment and improve the patients condition greatly.

All in a word the kidney transplant is not the best treatment to Iga nephropathy patients, the herbal medicine can do more effect to restore the kidney function. And I think more Iga nephropathy patients can benefit more from the natural treatment and welcome you consult us through the following contact information:

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