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What are the Causes of Muscle Cramps in Kidney Failure and How to Treat It

2015-06-14 17:10

What are the Causes of Muscle Cramps in Kidney Failure and How to Treat ItWhat are the causes of muscle cramps in kidney disease and how to treat it ? Muscle cramps as one of the symptoms of kidney disease affect the patient’s life greatly, so they are wondering why they are suffering from it and are there any ways to relieve it. Here i will share you some information about it.

What are the causes of muscle cramps in kidney failure ?

Low blood calcium level

When kidneys cannot work normally, extra phosphorus will build up in the body, in this way, low blood calcium level may occur. As a kind of electrolyte, calcium has close connection with nerve muscle excitability.

Imbalance of calcium and phosphorus

In normal condition, kidneys are responsible for the production of active vitamin D, which can be used to regulate calcium phosphorus metabolism. However, when kidneys are damaged, less calcium will be absorbed by the intestinal tract. And this is another cause of muscle cramps.

Usage of diuretics

Sometimes, the usage of drugs like furosemide may increase the excretion of calcium, eventually resulting muscle cramps.

High levels of uremic toxins

In advanced stage of kidney disease, high levels of uremic toxins may irritate the nerve system, resulting in restless legs syndrome.

How to treat muscle cramps in kidney disease ?

Mediations Sometimes, drugs like painkiller can be used to relive the pain, but this may be not enough.

-Supplement of calcium When it is related to calcium deficiency or imbalance of calcium and phosphorus, supplement of calcium-rich foods can be essential.

-Restore kidney function To deal with muscle cramps radically, the most important step is to restore kidney function. Treatments like Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Immunotherapy, etc can be good choices.

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