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Kidney Shrinkage Is the Symptom of Renal Failure

To most the renal failure patients the doctor often ask them to do some ultrasound or X-ray test to observe their kidney condition. If the damage to kidney is heavy the kidney size will change to be less small and small.Why does this sympto...Read More

The Analysis of Limb Swellings In Renal Failure Patients With TCM

To most kidney patients the swellings of limb is the common symptoms ,and in western medicine they often take the diuretic drugs to discharge the excess liquid through the increasing urine,but for the poor kidney function the excess liquid...Read More

The Appearance of Tongue Of Patients With Renal Insufficiency

The traditional Chinese medicine has more than five thousands years and accumulated more clinical experience to treat the chronic disease ,such as kidney disease ,and from the appearance of tongue we can know how about your condition,and ho...Read More

The Difference Between Renal Atrophy And Renal Failure

Renal atrophy and renal failure are two different conditions. Renal failure is not renal atrophy, but renal failure can lead to renal atrophy. What attention need to pay to daily life and diet by renal atrophy in patients? The aging of the...Read More

How Can We Treat Respiratory Problems Due to Kidney Failure

Kidney failure usually stands for a illness condition in which the kidneys can not filter the blood totally. And thus, various symptoms come out. Therefore, how can we treat respiratory problems due to kidney failure? Which one is the cause...Read More

Is This A Sign My Husband Has Worsen In Stage 4 Kidney Failure

My husband was told he is at stage 4 kidney failure 3 months ago, and is refusing dialysis and now seems to be worse. He has a headache all the time, sleeps all the time, has blood in his stool. Is this a sign he has worsen? Hello. Please d...Read More

How to Deal with Swelling for Kidney Failure patients with Creatinine 670

Swelling will bring many problems to the patients, like singular appearance, difficulty breath, walk hard, etc. Sometimes, the patients can not get rid of swelling by many medicines. While, how to deal with swelling for kidney failure patie...Read More

GFR 20% and Kidney Failure, How Can I Get Rid Of High Blood Pressure

How can I get rid of high blood pressure? He stated that He is a kidney failure patient, and his GFR is 20% . If you have the similar problems with him, please contact Online Doctor . What GFR 20% and kidney failure means? Kidney failure st...Read More

How to Deal with Legs Cramp in Situation of Kidney Failure

Legs cramp usually make the patients undergo the sharp pain, in which case the patients will have so much sufferings. While, how to deal with legs cramp in situation of kidney failure? First at all, is the legs cramp caused by kidney failur...Read More

What Can I do to Treat Creatinine 7.2 and Itching Skin

One day, a kidney failure patient asked me how to alleviate itching skin after dialysis. His creatinine is 7.2, and he has been dialysis for 8 months. What can I do to help him? As a matter of fact, the dialysis is used to prolong patients...Read More