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Why Patient with Kidney Failure Would Suffer from Hemorrhage

2016-11-28 16:44

Hemorrhage in Kidney FailureI had back pain, and then woke up with nose bleed, is it a sign of renal failure? Is there any connection between Chronic Kidney Failure and nose bleeding or any other bleeding?

To be frankly, Bleeding is frequently common in clinic for patients with Chronic Renal Failure. More often than not, nose bleeding and bleeding gums are commonly seen. In some serious cases, patients even experience gastrointestinal bleeding or intracranial hemorrhage, which may cause death.

Why patient with Kidney Failure would suffer from hemorrhage?

1. Capillary fragility increases in Kidney Failure patients

2. Disturbance of blood coagulation

Life expectancy of platelet decreases due to large amount of toxins and metabolic products accumulate inside the body

3. The application of heparin during taking dialysis

Sometimes, nose or gum bleeding is pretty easy to be solved; instead, gastrointestinal hemorrhage becomes pretty tricky and serious in Chronic Renal Failure patients. If one experiences gastrointestinal hemorrhage, haematemesis might develop as a result. Serious hemorrhage may lead to anemia; especially those patients suffer from anemia already due to Kidney Failure.

After the detailed introduction of hemorrhage and this disease, you probably know that we can’t simply regard nose hemorrhage or other bleeding as one signal of Chronic Renal Failure. As a matter of fact, if you have already suffered from renal failure, there are many other signs indicating your problem long before. Of course, they will be much more serious than the hemorrhage, and much tricky to deal with.

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