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Is This A Sign My Husband Has Worsen In Stage 4 Kidney Failure

2017-11-25 14:19

Is This A Sign My Husband Has Worsen In Stage 4 Kidney Failure“My husband was told he is at stage 4 kidney failure 3 months ago, and is refusing dialysis and now seems to be worse. He has a headache all the time, sleeps all the time, has blood in his stool. Is this a sign he has worsen?”

Hello. Please do not worry. For his case, we can help him dispel these discomforts and avoid dialysis.

Here is my analysis of his illness condition.

You know, stage 4 kidney failure is required dialysis as the residual kidney function is too little to remove all the harmful substances from body as it should do. Besides, these harmful substance will lead to kidney damage as well. Due to the kidney problem, it is common for him to have blood in urine, high blood pressure, headache and weakness. If necessary, please take dialysis. Normally, these symptoms can be relieved by dialysis.

The short introduction of dialysis.

You know, it can lead to many sufferings and it can not cure his kidneys any more. Clinically, dialysis is an article replacement of the renal function to help the patients remove some toxic materials by a machine. As a matter of fact, most patients will have a lower kidney function or even a shrunk kidney with dialysis. But, it is in extensive use for the kidney failure patients to alleviate discomforts and prolong life in most countries.

In this part, I recommend your husband to try Chinese medicine if he does not want to go through dialysis.

Chinese medicine has developed and applied in China for thousand of years to treat the illness from root causes. For kidney failure patients, each of Hot Compress Therapy, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy, Foot Bath, Steaming Therapy, Moxibustion and others Chinese medicines can help the patients bring out some undesired things and recover certain kidney function naturally and effectively. Besides, the combined treatments can take a better effect.

I need to know more about his illness conditions. What is his creatinine now? Does he have the history of diabetes, hypertension, infection and other illnesses? How about his urine output? If possible, please send his medical reports to me. And thus, I will give you more correct information about diets and treatments.

Looking forward to your reply.


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