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Causes of Renal Anemia for Kidney Failure Patients

2014-02-12 02:08

Causes of Renal Anemia for Kidney Failure PatientsRenal anemia which is mainly caused by the damaged kidney function. With the progression of kidney failure and when the creatinine level is more than 3.5 mg/dl, kidney failure patients are more likely to have renal anemia. Here are some common causes of renal anemia for kidney failure patients.

1. Reduction of erythrogenin (EPO)

This is the most important cause of renal anemia for kidney failure patients. When the kidneys are damaged severely, it will cause the reduction of kidney erythropoiesis factors and erythrogenin, which will affect the the generation of marrow and mature erythrocyte.

2. Malnutrition

As we know, for kidney failure patients, they need to limit their protein intake for a lone term, and there will be lots of protein lost in urine, this will lower the plasma protein levels. In this condition, the protein which is needed for hematopoiesis material will be reduced, then kidney failure patients will get renal failure easily.

3. Bleeding

For kidney failure patients, especially in the advanced stage, they are more likely to have bleeding, such as epistaxis, bleeding gums and gastrointestinal disorders on iron absorption, all these will also cause renal anemia.

4. Toxins in blood

Kidneys have the function of secretion and excretion, so kidneys can help excrete the wastes and toxins in blood, besides, they can also secret hemopoietin to help increase the red blood cells. However, because of the kidney failure, the kidneys have been damaged severely, this will reduce the secretion of hemopoietin. And the toxins and wastes build up in blood will affect the life span of red blood cells.

5. End stage kidney failure

For end stage failure patients, their kidneys have been damaged very severely, so a large amount of toxins and wastes will accumulate in blood, which will suppress the bone marrow haematopoietic function and increase the destroy of red blood cells, this is more easier to cause renal anemia.

Above are the common causes of renal anemia for kidney failure patients, and anemia will make patients more and more sick and increase the progression of kidney failure. Therefore, when patients are diagnosed with renal anemia, they need to find the basic cause of their anemia and have prompt and effective treatments to remedy their anemia.

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