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Letter of Thanks to Shijiazhuang Kidney Hospital China

2014-03-21 10:36

I am Priyanka,14 years old. I am going to tell you some part of my life. From past four years I was suffering form Kidney Disease and I was Dialysis. Every doctor says transplant of Kidney is the final solution. My Parent spend lot of money and give lot of treatment. But all the treatment are spoil my health. My parents came to know about the Immune Protection in our hospital.Even though we does not believe it. My Parents want to take treatment in this Hospital. We does not know how Chinese treat us. But they are very friendly with me, they look as their family number.Some time when my parents went for market they cook for me. I thank the professor’s who check my health and give advise to our doctor. I thank to Doctor yang(A doctor –as loving as a mother as strict as a father caring as a friend )to give me a new life.I say my lovable thanks to my nurse Amy and Diyana because they all my friends. I also thanks to my translator Emma. She only give advice when we are in India. Because of her words only we came back second time to this Hospital.Finally I would thanks all the stuffs in this hospital to move freely with our family and for treasured memories. And loving support through out my treatment .

Yours loving



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