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How to Prevent Purpura Nephritis with High Blood Pressure from Relapse

2015-02-09 10:26

Do you know why Purpura Nephritis is easy to relapse ? How ro prevent this disease with high blood pressure from relapse ? Youu will find the answers in this article.

Do you know why Purpura Nephritis is easy to relapse ?

1. Most of the treatment aims at relieve the symptoms of this disease rather than cure this disease, that is the mainly cause of relapse.

2. Before taking treatment, most of people don’t know the cause of this disease, not mention to why they will get it. That is not helpful for treating this disease totally.

3. Most of the patient can not get systematic treatment, they even can not get a chance to communicate with their doctor, that is also not good for the treatment of this disease.

4. The hospital the patient chosen are not the specialist hospital, so the doctor there can not treat this disease well.

How to prevent Puroura Nephritis with high blood pressure from relapse ?

Actually under most of the situation the high blood pressure in Purpura Nephritis is mild, it can be eased with the disease goes well, but before the disease is controlled, you’d better take some medicines to control it well, that is helpful for controlling this disease. Without good control, the high blood pressure may aggravate the progression of this disease and make it more complex.

However, the key point to prevent this disease from relapse is to solve the kidney problem from its root.

“Four ‘One ’” Chinese Traditional Treatment can help Purpura Nephritis patient get out of relapse

Among them, Maikang Mixture can help people to improve the immunity; the external application Chinese Medicine can repair the damaged kidney tissues and protect the remaining ones from further damage; the oral Chinese Medicine can relieve the inflammation and discharge the toxins out of the body; the Bath Foot Medicine can promote blood circulation and remove blood stasis. Those four Chinese tradition treatments cooperated with each other can prevent the Purpura Nephritis from relapse.

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