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Creatinine 6.7 Means What for Purpura Nephritis Patient

2016-07-29 16:19

Purpura Nephritis is a kind of autoimmune disease which occurs when HSP causes kidney damages. In addition to kidney damage, HSP can also bring damage to other organs like joint and nerve. Renal failure is likely to happen if the condition is not controlled well. Then, creatinine 6.7 means what for Purpura Nephritis patient and How to treat it?

Creatinine 6.7 means what for Purpura Nephritis patient?

Creatinine 6.7 belongs to stage 4 kidney disease, in this stage the kidneys have been damaged seriously, if the patient cannot take proper treatment, his disease will goes to worse and then he have to take dialysis or renal transplant soon.

How to treat Purpura Nephritis with creatinine 6.7?

In general, high creatinine level indicate lower kidney function and high toxins in the blood. So as a Purpura Nephritis patient if you want to lower the high creatinine level you should find some treatments to improve your kidney function and dispel the high toxins in the blood.

Hot Compress Therapy as one of the most effective treatment of kidney disease, it can improve the kidney function and dispel the toxins in the blood at the same tome depending on its four main functions.

Compared with dialysis this treatment is more effective and more safe(it can treat the disease without bring much side effects), so it is loved by many patients and their family members.

If you are interested in Hot Compress Therapy or want to treat Purpura Nephritis without making further damage to your kidneys, you can send email to us or leave message below, we will try our best to help you.

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