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How to Treat Purpura Nephritis Effectively

2016-07-11 16:51

Purpura Nephritis is a whole-body disease which is caused by necrotizing vasculitis, and it not only affect kidneys but also affect the whole organs. What’s more, this disease is easy to relapse, so as a Purpura Nephritis patient you should treat it earlier.

Why Purpura Nephritis is easy to relapse?

Hormonotherapy is the most commonly treatment for immunological disease like Purpura Nephritis. This treatment can block inflammatory response quickly and effectively, helping to prevent further kidney damage. However, immunosuppressive medicines fail to clear away immune complexes. In this case, when patients with purpura nephritis stop taking medicines or just reduce the dosage of immunosuppressive medicines, inflammatory response presents again. For this reason, new kidney damage occurs and purpura nephritis progresses.

How to treat purpura nephritis effectively?

Immunotherapy is a new treatment which is a combination of western medicines, plasma exchange and Chinese Herbal Treatment. It has six steps in the course of treating Purpura Nephritis, including immunodiagnosis, clearance of immune complexes, blocking of immoderate inflammatory reaction, immune tolerance, adjustment of immune system and protection of immune system.

With immunotherapy, kidney function can be improved and those damaged but not necrotic cells can be activated. As long as kidney function is improved, Purpura Nephritis symptoms can be relieved and patients will feel better.

In order to avoid the relapse of purpura nephritis, patients need to prevent upper respiratory infection and remove chronic infection lesions. Look for potential allergens and avoid touching it again. If you want to know more details about the treatment for purpura nephritis, you can send email to us or leave message below, we will try our best to help you.

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