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Blood Purification by Natural Herbs for Purpura Nephritis Patient

2014-05-12 03:00

Blood Purification by Natural Herbs for Purpura Nephritis PatientThis text will focus on introducing blood purification by natural herbs for Purpura Nephritis patient. If you are interested to learn more information, please read on. Or, chat with our online doctor for free advice.

Blood purification by herbs for Purpura Nephritis


Dandelion root is a widely used herbal remedy that support detoxification through the kidneys and thus helps to cleanse the blood. It can be used for conditions like gout, edema and skin disorders due to its diuretic and blood-cleansing properties.


Burdock root, also known as arctium lappa, is a herbal remedy that has been used for thousands of years throughout Europe and Asia to cleanse the blood.


It is an excellent blood cleanser, lowers blood fats and is a natural antibiotic.

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With the continual advancement of modern medical technology, an innovative herbal treatment has been developed to manage Purpura Nephritis effectively. It is known as Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy.

Different from traditional oral drugs, Osmotherapy is an external application of herb medicine, so it has no adverse effect to human body. While treating Purpura Nephritis, Chinese medicine can take effect to dilate the blood vessels, inhibit inflammatory response, remove blood stasis, repair the impaired kidney inherent cells, and restore the overall renal function.

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