Toxin-Removing Therapy

Toxin-Removing Therapy

What is Kidney Disease?

It is a overview of all kind of lesions happened in kidney. Partial inflammation of kidney function get damaged or loss due to a amount of toxins accumulated in body system and as a result, a series of symptoms appear.

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The Cause of Kidney Disease?

There are two major factors contributing to kidney disease : one is inherent damage, the other one is acquired damage. First of all, Inherent damage refers to that your kidney is damaged since you are born. Acquired impairment means unhealthy living habits and undesirable environment cause the injury of harmful substances.


How does acquired impairment lead to kidney disease

To begin with, it is the undesirable living habit that causes our kidney get damaged. While the most primary reason is that we intake overmuch fat, sugar and protein which is also called eutrophication materials. Moreover, a amount of heavy metal icons enter into body system owing to unhealthy environment.The excess nutrient-rich materials and lots of heavy metal ions can destroy the function or structure of oxidases which supports the balance immunologic.

The broken oxidases leads to oxidative stress reaction. The clinical feature is that the antioxidant ability has been reduced .

The decreasing antioxidant ability means it is hard to clean up the toxic and harmful things from the body, that is to say, the body will gradually be gathered up vast oxygen radicals, immune complexes, heavy metal ions, and various of redundant blood fat, blood sugar, blood uric acid, serum creatinine, blood urea, etc. All these undesired things are called body toxins.

Plentiful of toxins have been assembled in the body, which can ruin the function of oxidases, damage the balance immunologic and injure the human body again.

The lost balance immunologic and the congenital kidney problem have combined to cause renal inflammation and lower the renal function.

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Why is Your Kidney Disease Severe and Lingering?

The most fundamental reason why your disease is severe and lingering is that the toxins deposited in your body can not be excreted out of body completely. From the pathogenesis of view, the deposition of toxins leads to three chances on your body: one is oxidative stress response, the second one is excessive immune response, the third one is kidney damage.

① Toxins deposited in blood lead to oxidative stress responses. As more and more toxic substances build up in your blood, blood contamination occurs easily in your body. The blood with various toxins will damage all cytomembrane, which leads the toxins leak into cells from blood. And then, the toxins deposited in cells make further damage to cell nucleus and other tissues in cells, which results in oxidative stress responses easily. The synthetic ability of cells and secretion ability of protein are deceasing as oxidative stress responses get worsens, as a result, lots of disqualification proteins occur.

②Oxidative stress responses gives rise to overactive immunoreaction. The body will deliver disqualification proteins into blood as oxidative stress responses gets worse. These disqualification proteins as antigen will stimulate immune system, so as to produce antibody, at the same time, it also can activate body, thus forming alexin.

③Overactive immunoreaction result in the damage on kidney function. As Qi and Xue get abnormal and birth defect on kidney, a series of damages occur on kidney cells and tissues, resulting in decreasing kidney function. The clinical manifestation is low back pain, frequent urination, proteinuria and hematuria.

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How to Treat Kidney Disease?

The key of treatment for kidney disease should eliminate the toxins of blood first. Otherwise, other treatments do not work.

It is because only you eliminate the various toxins of blood, can oxidative stress response in cells be inhibited. In this way, the kidney cells will not secrete the abnormal protein and harmful factors. As long as these abnormal protein and harmful factors in blood are removed effectively, overactive immune system responding in blood will stop and can not produce antigen-antibody complexes in blood. Therefore, they will not produce toxins. In a clean internal environment, the incitant that damage kidney cells disappears which provides good condition for kidney self-healing.

Current Situation: In the medical field, there are no medicines and methods to eliminate toxins of blood effectively, still using the traditional methods and medicines. The general treatment methods are always taking the traditional and outdated treatments or making no attempt to make progress or having no accurate diagnosis causing misdiagnosis and mistreatment. In this way, patients will suffer from painful experience and loss.

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How to Treat Kidney Disease in Our Hospital?

The treatment of our hospital is called Toxin-Removing Therapy, also called Cleansing Toxin of Blood Treatment.

The biggest character of this therapy is that through the application of Traditional Chinese Medicine, removing the toxins and excess wastes out of the body effectively through excrement, urine and skin so as to provide good environment and favorable condition for kidney cells self-healing and the application of other medicine treatments.

The reason we found out the toxin-removing therapy is that dozens of Chinese Medicine experts of our hospital take comprehensive research and testing based on years of clinical experience and theory and have repeated consideration to Traditional Chinese Medicine formula and medical practice. Through years of repeated improvement for many years by expert team, this therapy truly achieves a full maturity of technology by the end of 2014.

The core of treatment is still based on the concept of dispersing blood stasis and combines the kidney to eliminate kidney inflammation effectively.

Toxin-Removing Therapy has specific effects for kidney disease treatment, especially for stubborn swelling and intractable proteinuria. This therapy can not only eliminate stubborn swelling but also make protein in urine become negative. The applications of Toxin-Removing Therapy let thousands of patients with kidney disease obtain rebirth and attract majority foreign patients come to China for treatment.

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What Should You Pay Attention to During the Process of Treatment?

1, You need to avoid misdiagnosis and mistreatment. Chronic kidney disease is a disease to be treated difficultly and it has complex pathogenesis, besides, there are less treatment methods to choose from, so the misdiagnosis and mistreatment occurs easily, therefore, you need to find the most professional doctors and hospital to diagnosis your kidney disease precisely. What is more, our hospital attach much more attention to the special examinations, such as ①Status of Oxidation and Reduction (SOD), ②Status of Immunitic Situation(lymphocyte subpopulation. 10 immune items and Vitamin D )③ Toxins in blood(blood fat, blood sugar, serum creatinine, blood urea, urea, inflammatory factor, blood coagulation level)

2, You need to find a effective treatment plan. The requirement for treating chronic kidney disease is very strict and he can not achieve a satisfying effect without high techniques in treating kidney disease, so patients need to choose treatments carefully. Nowadays, there is no a very effective treatment for treating kidney disease in western medical filed. If you want your kidney disease to be treated effectively, you had better choose a hospital of Chinese medicine or a renal expert to help you treat kidney disease.

3, Once you find proper effective treatment method, you have to stick to it. During the process of this treatment, you need to cooperate with doctors' suggestion: taking medications under the doctors' guidance, reexamining your illness condition regularly to prevent the recurrence of kidney disease.

4, You also need to have confidence during the process of treatment, most importantly, you need to realize that treatment cost is not the most important factor to affect the treatment effects.

5, In order to relive mental stress, family members should be supportive of seeking for more treatment options.

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