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Must Proteinuria In Renal Failure Cause ESRD

2019-06-09 09:19

Renal Failure,Cause ESRD,ProteinuriaIf Proteinuria in Renal Failure can not be completely eliminated, will i develop into ESRD?

The quality of proteinuria does have an important impact on the future development of renal function, and even affects the direction of treatment of the whole kidney disease.

How to reduce intractable proteinuria?

To cure the disease, we must first find the root cause. The production of proteinuria is ultimately the inevitable result of impaired renal function. Why is the kidney impaired? Immune inflammation mainly occurs, resulting in immune complexes constantly "erode" kidney cells, damage kidney tissue glomeruli, tubules, interstitial kidneys and so on. Therefore, to reduce proteinuria, we just want to reduce protein leakage is not enough, we must start from the root causes.

Therefore, it is very important to reduce proteinuria in three aspects, which is more beneficial for delaying renal function.

1. Eliminate inflammatory factors in kidneys and enhance immunity

For the treatment of proteinuria, to a large extent, anti-inflammatory treatment of the kidney, so we will use the "universal" anti-inflammatory drugs - hormones. Glucocorticoid has a strong anti-inflammatory effect. It has a good inhibitory effect on inflammation caused by many factors in the kidney. The immune inflammation of the kidney is inhibited, and the damage to glomeruli, renal tubules and other tissues is reduced. It is conducive to the sustained stability of kidney function and the decrease of protein leakage.

For patients whose hormone depressant is not obvious, it can be assisted with immunosuppressive therapy or with traditional Chinese medicine therapy. Priority selection of immunosuppressive agents such as cyclosporine, Tripterygium wilfordii, cyclophosphamide and so on. Traditional Chinese medicine therapy can play a certain role in eliminating blood toxins, providing favorable conditions for anti-inflammation. Compared with hormones, it works slowly, but has little side effects.

In addition, inflammatory factors combined with immunosuppressive drugs can destroy the body's immune level and increase the risk of proteinuria recurrence. To maintain a low level of proteinuria, attention should also be paid to the improvement of immunity, especially to the prevention and treatment of infections. Including nephrotic diseases such as tonsillitis, colds, periodontitis, kidney stones and so on.

2. Drug use is not enough. Daily self-cultivation is just as crucial.

Chronic kidney disease has a long cycle and proteinuria treatment cycle is also relatively long. Drug treatment is the basis to maintain the stability of the disease. Therefore, in daily life, some unfavorable factors for nephropathy, as well as factors that easily lead to repeated and unstable proteinuria, should be avoided by patients in time.

For example, smoking, staying up late, eating a heavy-tasting diet (too salty and oily), overweight, drug abuse and so on.

3. Proteinuria is not the only indicator

The treatment of nephropathy is difficult. One reason is that there are many symptoms, which is related to the important role of renal function in human body. And each symptom is interacted with each other, so the elimination of proteinuria is only part of the treatment for nephropathy. There are also other symptoms that must be taken into account, including edema, hypertension, electrolyte disorders and so on.

Especially attention should be paid to hypertension, hyperlipidemia and other vascular diseases. The increase of blood pressure and blood lipid will directly affect the situation of blood supply and oxygen supply in the kidney. Once the situation is abnormal, it will inevitably aggravate the atrophy of the kidney, accelerate renal failure, and proteinuria will remain high.

Therefore, while reducing protein, we should also pay attention to monitoring other key indicators, such as blood pressure, serum creatinine, red blood cells, electrolytes and so on.


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