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The Phlegm Of Retention Is An Important Symptom To Patient

2018-10-25 10:57

To most patients which are old they often have phlegm retention and you must know why this will occur ,then you can find the reasonable treatment to deal with it.As a kidney doctor I want to share something useful with you as following:

The etiology of phlegm retention and blood stasis

( 1 ) Phlegm retention

phlegm retention is mainly caused by disorder of lung, kidney and spleen functions, inability to transport and distribute body fluid normally, resulting in body fluid condensation, coupled with stimulation of cold and heat.The diseases caused by phlegm retention often have such symptoms as excessive phlegm, sound of phlegm, vomiting, greasy coating, wiry and slippery pulse, edema and so on.phlegm retention includes phlegm and fluid retention.

① phlegm.phlegm is a little thick, the position of phlegm in human body is not fixed, the position is different, and the diseases caused are different.For example, phlegm detained in the limbs can cause numbness of the limbs.Phlegm stuck in the stomach can lead to nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite.phlegm stuck in the lungs can cause diseases such as illness and cough.Phlegm stuck in the stomach can lead to nausea, vomiting and loss of appetite.

fluid retention.fluid retention is thin, fluid retention in different positions in the human body causes different diseases.For example, fluid retention in the lungs can cause cough and asthma.Fluid retention in the stomach and intestines can cause vomiting and abdominal discomfort.Fluid retention that stay under the costal region will cause pain under the costal region and cough.

( 2 ) Blood stasis

Blood stasis is mainly caused by external injury, internal hemorrhage, qi deficiency or qi stagnation in the human body, resulting in blood stagnation.Blood stasis is harmful to the human body.There are mainly the following kinds of blood stasis diseases:

( 1 ) blood stasis in lower energizer.Refers to the blood stasis in the lower energizer, which often leads to abdominal pain and irregular menstruation.

② Blood stasis in heart.Refers to the blood stasis in the heart, and patients often suffer from heart pain and chest tightness.

③ Blood stasis of gastrointestinal tract. Refers to the gastrointestinal blood stasis, patients tend to appear vomiting blood, hematochezia and other diseases.

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