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How To Keep Your Kidney Condition In Good State

2018-12-04 08:57

Should kidney patients have a good rest or take exercise appropriately?Doctor reminds: the patients with 9 kinds of kidney conditions should rest in bed absolutely!

Got kidney disease, the doctor can often tell a patient, should have more rest,must not be tired.There are a lot of patients, after the condition remission, engaged in heavy mental or physical labor leads to relapse or aggravation of the disease.

As we all know, the kidney is a powerful detoxification organ. The metabolites produced by metabolism, most of which are filtered by the kidney, are discharged from the body. When the activity increases, the metabolism of the human body accelerates and waste production increases, thus increasing the burden of the kidney.The kidneys of people with kidney disease are already fragile. Their metabolic capacity drops, and it is "laborious" to filter only the products of normal metabolism, let alone increase its metabolic capacity.

Therefore, in clinical practice, we found that many patients with nephropathy always worry about relapse or aggravation of the disease, be careful, do not dare to take it lightly, even if the disease is relatively light, do not dare to exercise, some even long-term bed, the constitution is getting worse and worse.We encourage these patients to exercise more.

But how to grasp the scale of motion and rest?If appear these 9 kinds of circumstance below, we kidney friend still should move less, had better rest in bed.

1. Moderate or above edema

What is the degree of moderation?Mild edema is limited to the eyelids or ankles;Moderate edema was found in the lower extremities;If appear systemic oedema, accompany to accompany hydrothorax even, ascites is severe oedema.Water intake should be limited at this time, complement the protein loss in the body, maintain the balance of remaining water in the body, use hormones and diuretics, edema relief after treatment, and then appropriate exercise.

Ii. Moderate to severe hypertension

High blood pressure, patients will appear headache, dizziness, vomiting symptoms.If acute nephritis blood pressure rises sharply, appear hypertensive encephalopathy, have a headache acuteness, have vomiting, convulsion or convulsion and consciousness obstacle, should rest in bed immediately, be in hospital as soon as possible cure.

Gross hematuria or oliguria, the daily urine volume is less than 400ml.

4. Pulmonary infection or heart disease (such as secondary or higher cardiac insufficiency and severe arrhythmia).

Fifth, the acute nephritis appears the nitrogenemia.

6. Serious decrease in renal function leads to abnormalities in some important indicators (such as hyperkalemia, severe anemia, severe acidosis, etc.).

7. Rapid decrease of renal function in the short term.

8. Taking large doses of hormones (e.g., prednisone) and/or immunosuppressants (e.g., tacrolimus, cyclosporine A, and Mortimer).

Suffering from a bad cold or acute gastroenteritis or other serious complications.

And other great majority circumstance is to need not rest in bed strictly, in the condition is stable additionally periodic, the patient also is necessary to participate in a few relaxed sports to take exercise, for instance walk, jog, taijiquan, cycle cycle, swim, dance to wait.The patient should choose the motion that suits him according to his constitution, his circumstance, when moving, must act according to one's ability, step by step, perserve.When the amount of exercise is appropriate, the selected items are not necessarily limited to a certain type, but can be applied comprehensively or interlaced alternately.Pay attention to the combination of work and rest, do not overwork and aggravate the disease.

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