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Why Are Women Easy To Get The Nephritis

Nowadays more and more people are getting nephritis for the bad life habits,but so many women occupy the large parts of patients,we must research the reason why women are easy to get the nephritis . In fact, there are many reasons why women...Read More

LIfe Tips To Prevent The Nephritis And Good Treatment For It

As to most people they often get the nephritis for their ignorance of good life habit ,then as a kidney doctor i want to provide some life tips for you to prevent nephritis easily.The prevention of nephritis is also possible with a few heal...Read More

What Is the Appropriate Advice Of Antibiotics For the Kidney Patients

Antibiotics keep our health, but some studies have found that improper use of antibiotics can induce renal failure . lets discover it together. Will over dose of antibiotics cause renal failure Colds, loose bowels, and so on can make many p...Read More

Can Atrophy Kidney Caused by High Blood Pressure

Can atrophy kidney caused by high blood pressure? In fact, long-terms of high blood pressure can induce atrophy kidney, if left untreated it may lead to kidney failure, even Uremia...Read More

Why Stage 3 is a Vital Stage in Chronic Kidney Disease

Why stage 3 is a vital stage in chronic kidney disease ? In clinic, chronic kidney disease will experience a long time to fall into the last stage so people have enough time to prevent the progression of this disease....Read More

Can Cozaar Cause Chronic Kidney Disease

Can cozaar cause Chronic Kidney Disease ? Chronic Kidney Disease has many common symptoms like edema, high blood pressure and so on. Cozzar is a common medicine to control high blood pressure...Read More

Can Diabetes Cause Kidney disease

As the research shows that patients with diabetes always have some problems with kidney, many people come up with an idea that diabetes can lead to kidney disease. However, is this idea reasonable and scientific? Here we give you a satisfie...Read More

What are the Common Causes of Enlarged Kidneys

What are the common causes of enlarged kidneys? Enlarged kidneys means the kidney size is larger than the normal size, and there are some common conditions that can cause enlarged kidneys. 1. Polycystic kidneys Polycystic kidney disease (PK...Read More

Top 4 Unhealthy Lifestyles that May Damage Your Kidneys

As we know, kidney disease is a common disease all over the world, and it is known as difficult to be cured. So we should prevent kidney disease from our daily life, because early prevention and treatment will helpful for patients who may h...Read More

Will Drinking Diet Soda Cause Kidney Disease

Diet soda is considered to be good for our health, so many people have turned to diet soda in an effort to drink healthier carbonate beverages. However, a recently studies point out that drinking diet soda may cause kidney disease and perma...Read More