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Is Drinking As Much Water As Possible Good or Bringing dialysis

2018-05-04 14:22

Is Drinking As Much Water As Possible Good or Bringing dialysis“Hello, doctor. My eGFR is 27. And creatinine is 3.9. Is drinking as much water as possible good or bringing dialysis?” This is a message from our reader, if you have the similar query, welcome to contact Online Doctor for free guidance.

At the early stage of kidney disease (eGFR is more than 60), the doctor will suggest the patients to drink more water for taking away more toxins in the blood. With the depression of renal function (or eGFR in the lab test report), the kidneys can not eliminate the excessive water as before, resulting in swelling in the body. In the meanwhile, you must know that the water will be excreted mainly by the kidneys, more water can also add the burden of kidneys. In brief, if the patients have swelling, oliguria, anuria or other conditions, the water intakes must be controlled.

For an example, the patient with eGFR 27 and creatinine 3.9 is in the fourth stage of kidney disease (or also called kidney failure phase), he need to make clear what to eat, what to drink and what to do. In addition to, if he wants to avoid dialysis, a natural treatment for recovering renal function is also needed.

Well, what can be the natural treatments to eGFR 27 and creatinine 3.9?

Compared with the diuretics, hormone, immunosuppressant and other western measures, I highly recommend the patients who have the similar conditions to try Chinese herbal medicine referring to Moxibustion, Steaming Therapy, Foot Bath Therapy, Mai Kang Mixture, Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy and so on. But which one will be applied by the doctor is completely based on the patients’ own physical situations. By the way, these treatments make use of the herbs from nature and perform less side effects while taking effects on improving renal function, dispelling the toxins and remitting the symptoms.

When the kidneys are restored, the eGFR 27 will be increased, the creatinine 3.9 will be diminished, and the life quality is elevated as well.

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