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Why Chronic Kidney Disease Can Not Be Cured

2019-02-27 09:51

Chronic Kidney Disease,CuredWhat we call incurable is actually that Chronic Kidney Disease can easily miss the best time for treatment because of the lack of obvious early symptoms and are difficult to cure because of delays. Why does this happen?

First of all, because of unreasonable eating habits, our diet is full of fried, fried, fried, baked food, even vegetables are cooked in hot oil at high temperature. This dietary structure is inconsistent with the green, healthy health concept we advocate.

Secondly, people do not attach importance to health. Although there are various health secrets and Health Secrets emerging in an endless stream, few people can do regular physical examination. Most people don't consider going to the hospital until the symptoms are obvious, and it's usually too late.

Since nephropathy can't be cured, what else can we do?

It is the most important thing to alleviate the disease and prevent the further development of nephropathy.

Especially for patients who have entered the uremic stage, through treatment, the frequency of dialysis can be reduced, and even dialysis can be replaced by drugs, so that patients can return to society and live a normal life.

All hospitals do this, but in different ways. This difference is reflected in the different understanding of the causes of nephropathy, so the concept of treatment will be different, so the treatment effect will be different.

In fact, nephropathy is caused by the immune complex caused by the invasion of toxic and harmful substances in the body, which can not be discharged out of the body in time, causing blood pollution and eventually leading to nephropathy. Therefore, the treatment of nephropathy focuses on two aspects: one is to improve immunity, the other is to clean up the blood. All treatments should proceed from these two directions, not from the inhibition of symptoms.

If you want to avoid uremia, you need to start treatment from the early stage of nephropathy. So regular urine routine and blood routine are very important. We recommend that it be done at least half a year.

In terms of diet, eighty percent satiety is the most reasonable, because the reason for the speed of signal transmission in the central nervous system is that when you "feel" full, you are actually overfed. Except those who diet deliberately to lose weight, most people eat excessive amounts of food. Long-term overload of digestive system is the root cause of most medical diseases.


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