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Kidney Nourrishing And Healthy Caring in Daily Life For Kidney Patients

As to most people they often ignore the kidney nourishing in daily life ,then i will tell you the importance of nourishing and health care of kidney.The health of the kidney directly determines you are healthy or not. Many aging and disease...Read More

Some Kinds Of Vegetable Can Help Discharge Toxins For Patients

One vegetable help to discharge Kidney toxin In the course of kidney treatment the diet play an important role to help patients stabilize their condition.According to Canadian naturopathic doctors, Coriander can maintain kidney health while...Read More

How To Keep Your Good Health Through Life Tips

People often ignore the life tips and then easy lead to the kidney problems ,after suffering from the kidney disease they realize the importance of health, As a doctor i want to help them avoid the kidney damage or other disease through the...Read More

What To Do To Avoid The Kidney Damage For Your Heartburn

Do you take heartburn medication regularly? If so, did you know that one of the more popular heartburn medications could be secretly causing kidney damage? Weve all been there: you ate a little too much, too quickly, and you pay the price w...Read More

How To Prevent Kidney Disease And Obesity

Prevent kidney disease and avoid obesity . What should I do? Most kidney disease is a chronic progressive disease with high morbidity, difficulty in treatment, recurrence, and serious harm to human health. Therefore, early prevention, early...Read More

How To Keep The Kidney Healthy With Scientific Diet

Add heat The lack of calories will lead to the usage of the bodys own protein when the normal metabolism of body is carrying on ,so that creatinine, urea nitrogen level will increase and aggravate the kidney condition, so it is extremely im...Read More

Dietary Taboos For Hemodialysis Patients

Hemodialysis patients do not have a low-protein diet Some dialysis patients think that it is wrong to eat a low protein diet when doing dialysis. Because when dialysis is done, part of the protein will be lost with the dialysate, the patien...Read More

Is Drinking As Much Water As Possible Good or Bringing dialysis

Hello, doctor. My eGFR is 27. And creatinine is 3.9. Is drinking as much water as possible good or bringing dialysis? This is a message from our reader, if you have the similar query, welcome to contact Online Doctor for free guidance. At t...Read More

Can Kidney Disease Patients Eat Low Sodium Salt at Will

Low salt diet is a basic requirement for patients with kidney disease. It seems like a simple diet principle which is not easy to be done well. After all, many people have been eating salt for many years. So, it is hard to accept the sudden...Read More

Is Fish Good For Stage 3 CKD Patients

Can I have fish? Is fish good for me? If I have so many fishes each day, can I get well? Some stage 3 CKD patients asked our renal expert. For the sake of giving a best answer of this question, lets analyze what effects can fish take on sta...Read More