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Dialysis Twice a Week How to Improve My Kidney Function 13%

2014-06-10 09:30

Dialysis Twice a Week How to Improve My Kidney Function 13%“I have been on dialysis twice a week with kidney function 13% left. I want to know how to improve my renal function. Could you give me any advice? Thanks a lot.” This is a query we got from one patient. To reply with detailed suggestions, we offer the text as below. Read on or consult our online doctor for free and professional help.

How are you? You have consulted us about your disease of kidney function 13% on dialysis twice a week. Effective treatment is available to help increase your kidney capacity. Please do not worry.

Ahead of provide you with personalized advice, we firstly would like to know your detailed illness condition. Please Email us at with more of your disease information such as your age, medical history, co-existing health issue, complications, and general health state. Our kidney doctor will make a comprehensive analysis and reply you promptly.

Generally speaking, as long as you still have urine output, you have great chance to repair the damaged kidney and greatly raise the renal function. Here, we would like to recommend a systematic treatment known as Top Seven TCM Therapies.

Specific methods contained in this holistic therapy are cycle therapy, enema, hot compress therapy, full bath therapy, foot bath, moxibustion, and oral Chinese herb medicine.

Depending on individualized illness condition, one or more of the above therapies will be chosen to form the most suitable treatment plan. To what extent can your kidney function 13% on dialysis twice a week improve the help of Top Seven TCM Therapies? Please feel free to Contact Us to get free evaluation from our kidney experts team. Thanks for your time!

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