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Creatinine 3.37 Is There Any Other Thing We Can Do Aside From Dialysis

Creatinine 3.37 standing for the third stage of kidney problem usually means the kidneys are damaged more than half and that the patients are suffering from several light discomforts or none symptoms. But, it is more quickly for the patient...Read More

Doing These 4 Things Uremia May be Reversible

In the face of their own diseases, many kidney patients were confused. Could not be cured, had to take medicine life long, need to make contact with the hospital in the rest of their life, and even had to beware of the onset of uremia. The...Read More

What Can We Do with Protein in Urine 1400 In CKD

Protein in urine is a common symptoms of kidney disease, which can not be caused by so many conditions or reasons. Some patients do not think it is serious as light protein leakage does not lead to any discomforts. But, for preventing the s...Read More

How to Manage CKD Correctly

The discovery indicates that about one-tenth people have trouble with chronic kidney disease (CKD), through most of them do not find out the problem in kidneys as they are in the early stage...Read More

What Can I Do to Resolve Issues like Edema in Kidney Problem

Many kidney disease patients wonder what can I do to resolve issues like edema in kidney problem? As a doctor, I strongly recommend the patients to find out the direct causes of edema and cure it from the root causes, otherwise, it will com...Read More

Kidney Working Only 30% What Should We Do for Saving My Mother

Visitor: Hello doctor. I want to ask for my mother. As her kidneys are working only 30 %. What should we do now? Doctor: Please do not worry, we will help your mother. 30% kidney function stands for the kidney failure. But there are still c...Read More

Herbal Therapy Can Be Used to Repair the Kidney Function

As we all know, the western medicine can control the symptoms and complications fast, whereas Chinese medicine treat the illnesses from the root. Here the article will talk about that herbal therapy can be used to repair the kidney function...Read More

Precautions and Treatments of Chronic Kidney Disease

At present, Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a common chronic noncommunicable disease what is seriously harmful. Unfortunately, about 10% of people have trouble with CKD. Although most of them are in the stage 1 or 2, it is easy to get into...Read More

Please Suggest What Treatment Is Best and How Same Can Be Recovered

Visitor: Sir, my father is suffering from kidney problem. Doctor: What is the current kidney function or creatinine level? Do you know? Visitor: Today during checkup it was found that both the kidney is damaged up to 70%. Now please suggest...Read More

Herbal Product and Dialysis Which One Is Better for CKD with Creatinine 500

Herbal product and dialysis, which one is better for Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) with creatinine 500? Have any puzzles about treatments to kidney problem, welcome to contact Online Doctor for personally guidance. When the high level of cre...Read More

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