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Could GFR 33 Be Improved with Toxin-Removing Therapy for CKD Patients

GFR, or Glomerular Filtration Rate, shows the round value of kidney function. And GFR 33 means kidneys have been damaged at almost 70%. While, could GFR 33 be improved with Toxin-Removing Therapy for CKD patients? Symptoms of GFR 33 include...Read More

Would Chinese Medicine Improves GFR 16 To 100%

Hello. I have read your articles. You said that Chinese medicine can help recover kidney function naturally. My GFR is 16 , and I have swelling in legs, protein in urine 3+ and weakness . Would it improve my GFR to 100%? I do believe many k...Read More

CKD and Creatinine 6.65 Should I Take Chinese Medicine or Dialysis

Hello, doctor. I have CKD . And my creatinine is 6.65 . I do not have any discomforts. Should I take Chinese medicine or Dialysis? If you have the similar condition, please contact Online Doctor for more information freely. Is CKD and creat...Read More

Are There Any Chinese Medicines for Third Stage Kidney Disease

Since the patients do not accept a suitable treatment in the key time (3 stage kidney disease), they have to go through dialysis and transplantation. So more and more patients are eager to receive natural treatments like Chinese medicine. H...Read More

Herbal Medicine Which one Is to Be Used in Treating Kidneys

Herbal medicine is a natural way to help the patients from the root cause. For kidney disease patients, herbal medicine also shows a great result. However, there are too many herbal medicines in the world. And then, which one is to be used...Read More

What Should I Do If Serum Creatinine is 2.58 and Stage 3 Kidney Disease

I checked the LAB RESULT: CREATININE - URIN - 89.4; CREATININE - SERUM - 2.58. After the LAB RESULT Doctor told me of stage 3 kidney disease (Moderate). Can you analyze it for me? What should I do? Thank you very much. This is Kidney Dr.Lin...Read More

How to Deal With Stage 4 CKD in Which GFR is 18%

This is kidney Dr.Linda from International Department of Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, I phoned you just now, here I e-mail you in details. For the GFR 18%, it is at a very critical stage, with timely and ef...Read More

Creatinine 7.3, How Can CKD Patients Keeping Away From Dialysis

Dialysis is a traditional treatment to CKD patients as long as they are suffering from discomforts intolerably or have high risk for death as a result of serious damaged kidneys. What is worse, dialysis can not recover any kidney functions...Read More

Can GFR 34 Be Reversed in Chronic Kidney Disease

Nowadays, more and more patients find out they are ill with Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) as a result of the unhealthy living habits, development of economy and significantly improved health care technology. While, can GFR 34 be reversed in...Read More

Kidney Function 26%, Is There Any Natural Treatment to Reverse

Kidney function 26% refers to a medical situation in which only 26% of the kidneys are operating well as before. As a result, the patients will suffer from many diseases. While, they wonder is there any natural treatment to reverse kidney f...Read More

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