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The Pathogenisis Of Kidney Treatment In Chinese Medicine

As to many foreign patients kidney disease is the most trouble thing and hard to reverse,then more and more ones are about to accept the natural treatment in Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine.[ kidney qi is not s...Read More

No Timely Treatment Minor Disease May Change To Severe Condition

To most kidney patients at the early stage they often have no any discomforts and ignore the kidney disease,and they dont know that minor illnesses are not treated and serious illnesses are unable to be treated, which is a true picture of e...Read More

Why Does Doctor Prescribe Antihypertensive Drugs For Patients Without Hypertension

Working in nephrology for a long time, patients often ask such a question: As a kidney patient, I dont know why you prescribe blood pressure lowering drugs for me. Although I was diagnosed with Nephritis and had urinary protein , there was...Read More

The Principle of TCM To Treat Kidney Insufficiency

Kidney qi deficiency syndrome in patients with kidney insufficiency When someone has kidney insufficiency there are some discomforts occur to them,such as swellings,back pain and other symptoms.the common clinical manifestations such as sho...Read More

The Effective Treatment To Deal With the Nephritis

As the Internation Kidney Hospital in China, Beijing Tongshantang Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine has accepted many foreign kidney patients to help them get better with the special natural treatment .The treatment of our hospital i...Read More

How To Eliminate the Damp From Edema Patients Body

Commonly almost all kidney patients have edema in their body.Edema is a disease caused by excessive accumulation of water in the interstices of body tissues, which causes swelling of tissues. Edema often occurs in the face and lower limbs....Read More

The Principle Of Traditional Chinese Medicine To Deal With Kidney Insufficiency

As a kidney patients there is always much more moisture deposit in his body and affect his normal metabolism ,then can lead to many discomforts .Then the key point for the kidney patients is how to eliminate moisture in patients with kidney...Read More

Immune Tolerance Stage Of Immune Therapy For Kidney Disease

As to the immune tolerance ,that means enduring and tolerating immune complex . In fact the human body can try to adapt to the kidney disease substance depositing in the kidney tissues. After the immune blocking therapy, though the inflamma...Read More

The Reasonable Treatment For Diabetes and Diabetic Nephropathy

Diabetes treatment 1, dietary guidance Dietary control is the basic treatment for diabetes, especially for type 2 diabetes. A reasonable diet helps to lose weight, control blood sugar and prevent hypoglycemia, and improve lipid metabolism a...Read More

Mechanism Of Action Of Autotransfusion Therapy Of Ozone Therapy

At present more and more kidney patients need the new therapy to help them get better treatment,then we will recommend this new treatment to you as following: ( I ) immune sterilizing effect : Activate the bodys immune system and produce va...Read More

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