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Is There Any Way to Recover Kidney Function in CKD with GFR 28%

Is there any way to recover kidney function in CKD with GFR 28%? If you have the semblable query, please contact Online Doctor . Besides, here the article will list some information about CKD. 1. Make a thorough inquiry in what is CKD. The...Read More

Are There Chances for Stage 4 CKD Patients Avoid Dialysis

Stage 4 CKD is also called kidney failure, in which the patients will be told that dialysis is needed in the near future. In this time, the patients can not control the condition well simply by diets and living habits. While, are there chan...Read More

Would You Please Help Me and I Suffering From Chronic Kidney Disease

For chronic kidney disease patients, chronic kidney disease will make them suffer from swelling, hypertension, protein in urine and other sicknesses. In many countries, the patients are told that they can only be saved with dialysis and kid...Read More

Is There Still A Chance to Restore Kidney Function at 4%

Is There Still a chance to restore kidney function at 4%? If you also have a low kidney function and are eager to improve the kidney function, please contact Online Doctor for more detailed information. When kidney function is at 4%, there...Read More

A Way to Treat Chronic Kidney Disease Naturally

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a common illness in which the patients can not completely remove the toxic things and keep the health of body by themselves. Medically, kidney transplant combined dialysis will be the traditional means to sav...Read More

Can You Help Me without Dialysis at Creatinine 6.7 in CKD

Can you help me without dialysis at creatinine 6.7 in CKD? the Indian patients said I am struggling in the serious swelling in legs which make me unable to walk any more and poor appetite. I do not want to undergo dialysis. If you have the...Read More

What Can I Take to Build Up My Kidney Function

What can I take to build up my kidney Function? My doctor said that my creatinine is 6. I do not know what that means. Can you explain it for me? I do not want to go on dialysis. Is there any other treatment to help me? On the average, the...Read More

When Kidneys Performing only 9%, How to Improve Kidney Function

Since the kidney is the primary organ to purify the blood, obliterate excessive water, toxins and metabolites, maintain the stabilization of internal environment, once the kidneys only performing only 9% , lots to unwanted things will be re...Read More

Creatinine 8.2 and Back Pain, Is There A Cure for Chronic Kidney Disease

Is there a cure for chronic kidney disease with creatinine 8.2 and back pain? Must the patients take dialysis immediately? Which treatment is best for the patients? You can contact Online Doctor for more information freely and directly. Onc...Read More

Is There Any Way to Reverse the Kidney for CKD Patients

As the process of living standard and development of medical level, more and more patients have found out that they contract kidney disease as a result of the irregular routine, unhealthy diets and bad environment. Under the circumstances,...Read More

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