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Is There Any Way to Reverse the Kidney for CKD Patients

As the process of living standard and development of medical level, more and more patients have found out that they contract kidney disease as a result of the irregular routine, unhealthy diets and bad environment. Under the circumstances,...Read More

Can Patients with Creatinine 6.9 Healed Apart from Dialysis

As a matter of fact, some patients with creatinine 6.9 have done dialysis as a result of the severe damaged kidney. However, dialysis can make the patients go through so much illnesses. What is worse, dialysis will injure the kidney rather...Read More

Is There Any Way to Save the Failed Kidney for CKD Patients

The CKD patients with failed kidney will be ill with edema, back pain, poor appetite, proteinuria, blood urine and other discomforts as more and more unwanted things are gathered in the body. While, is there any way to save the failed kidne...Read More

What is Solution of Chronic Kidney Disease with Creatinine 5.36

The chronic kidney disease patient whose creatinine is 5.36 is in the grade 4 CKD. And then, what is solution of chronic kidney disease patients with creatinine 5.36? Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a type of renal disorder in which the kid...Read More

How Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy Helps CKD Avoid Dialysis

Hello, sir. The purpose of writing this mail to you is that my uncle is suffering from CKD and that the doctor has recommended for the dialysis. Sir, I came to know about the Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy. So, I want you to tell me abo...Read More

Is Toxin-Removing Therapy Helpful for CKD Patients

CKD patients are looking for other effective treatments to help them treat CKD and its complications as they realize that dialysis and kidney transplant are not good way for them. However, is Toxin-Removing Therapy helpful for CKD patients?...Read More

How to Remedy Edema for Chronic Kidney Disease Patients

Edema, a common symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD), can lead to weakness, hardly movement, breath difficulty and other sufferings. So that, the chronic kidney disease patients wonder how to remedy edema . CKD often occurs as the kidne...Read More

Is There Any Natural Treatment to CKD and Itching Skin

At present, more and more people including the young persons will be ill with CKD (Chronic Kidney Disease) as a result of the unhealthy living-style. The itching skin is a common symptoms of CKD, and it can lead to many discomforts. And the...Read More

CKD and Itching Skin, How to Treat with Natural Treatment

Hello, Sir. I am a CKD patients. And I have itching skin. Is there any natural treatment to alleviate itching skin? I believe many CKD patients have to find out a natural treatment to ease itching skin as the itching skin is also a side eff...Read More

Can I Accept Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in My Country

As Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy become more popular in the world, more and more kidney disease patients asked me whether they can accept Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy in their own country or not. Unfortunately, Micro-Chinese Medi...Read More

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