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How to Stop Renal Function Decline and Protect the Residual Renal Function

2014-09-03 03:45

How to Stop Renal Function Decline and Protect the Residual Renal FunctionHow to stop Renal Function decline and protect the residual Renal Function ? Next, let us have a look what the experts said about it.

It is important for patient to cut down protein in their diet as the byproduct of protein can cause extra strain on their kidneys. However, you should know that albumin should be in blood normally. Albumin in urine means that the glomerular membrane is impaired. Once the glomeruli become impaired, they will attract more inflammatory factors and toxic substances to do more damage to kidneys. Then it will cause fibrosis of kidneys and eventually necrosis.

As some factors may worsen your renal function deterioration rapidly like colds, infection, overwork, you should avoid these in your daily life and work.

You know that kidney transplant is still a preferred treatment option for patients with kidney failure. For people who have experience of transplant failure. The best way for them is to protect their renal function from declining further.

If your kidneys have very severe inflammation response now, this response can be suppressed, you protein in urine will relieve a lot. In  western, immuno suppressive agents are commonly used for this. However, western medicines can not eliminate the inflammatory factors and other toxic substances in kidneys. These harmful substances will certainly do further harm to your kidneys. That is why western medicines can not cause a complete recovery. If your condition deteriorates, more glomeruli will become fibrotic and necrotic. If the glomeruli become necrotic, no treatment will retrieve them. So you need take proper and timely treatment immediately.

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