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Can Moderate Kidney Damage in Chronic Kidney Disease be Reversed

2014-09-05 02:45

Can Moderate Kidney Damage in Chronic Kidney Disease be Reversed  In traditional treatment, the damaged kidney can not be reversed. But with the technology developing, the mild kidney damage can be cured with proper and timely treatment. Then, can moderate kidney damage in Chronic Kidney Disease be reversed ?

It is known that the necrotic kidney tissues can bot be reversed, so nobody can help people with that situation. But with the damaged renal tissues, you still have a chance to get recovery. As we mentioned above, if you are in the early stage with mild kidney damage, you can get recovery. Now, with the moderate kidney damage, there are just half rate to cure the kidney disorder. So it is a vital stage, if you can get systematic treatment in this time, you may have a chance to delay the progression of this disease. If not, you may loose the chance and your disease may goes worse quickly, after it fall into End Stage Renal Disease which is also known as Uremia, the only cure methods are dialysis and kidney transplant, then patients need to suffer more unnecessary pain.

So as a patient with moderate kidney damage in Chronic Kidney Disease, you need to get the treatment as soon as possible, so as to avoid the life-threatening disease that is Uremia. According to some researches, Chinese Herb Medicine has significant effect in curing kidney disease, so it can help to revers the moderate kidney damage. It is used widely in our country and with the help of it, many people have avoid dialysis.

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