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How to Improve the Kidney Function with Traditional Chinese Herbs

2014-09-14 10:47

Chinese Medicine is rather different from the western treatment method in curing Chronic Kidney Disease. It mainly take the traditional Chinese herbs to repair the damaged kidney, which has already been proved to be quite effective.

To treat the disease, first we have to clean your blood. There are too much toxins and inflammatory factors in your blood that is causing further damage to the kidneys. In western medicine, hemodialysis can only remove the small molecules toxins like creatinine, urea and uric acid. Large molecules toxins like Homocysteine and retinol binding protein are still in blood and cause more serious damage.

Second, to further clean the toxins and immune complex deposited in the blood vessels and kidneys, we use Chinese herbal medicine. The active material of the Chinese herbs can combine with the immune complex, split them and discharge them out of body. Besides, the Chinese medicine can dilate the blood vessels, improve blood circulation and increase the blood flow in the kidneys, so the immune complex and extra cellular matrix that caused renal fibrosis in the picture can be discharged out.

The third step is to regulate the innate immune system and supplement blood and qi so as to reactivate the self renewal of the damaged kidney cells and promote the improving of kidney function.

What’s more, the usage of traditional Chinese medicine is very strict, only when we have made a thorough analysis of the patient's kidney condition can we provide the corresponding instructions.

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