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What is the Treatment to be Taken for Lowering the Protein Leak Effectively

2014-09-28 11:26

What is the Treatment to be Taken for Lowering the Protein Leak Effectively“My wife is suffering from IgA Nephropathy for more than 2 years. Her BP is normal with Loram 5 mg (0-0-1). Previous Microalbuminurea test gave a result of 720mg/L while Urea, Creatinine and Uric Acid test showed normal values. Could you please suggest what is the treatment to be taken for lowering the protein leak effectively ?” this is an inquiry from the patient’s husband, the following are some contents distract from our doctors reply.

“Now I have a general understanding of your wife's kidney condition. While her creatinine has not increased yet, her condition is not very well at all.

IgA nephropathy is an immune-medicated disorder, in which extra immuneglobulin A deposits on mesangial cells. In early stage, it only can affect the mesangial cells so the patients often have blood in urine. However, if the kidney disorder can not be controlled in time, it will cause damage to other part of the kidney. When protein leaks into urine, it indicates that the glomerular basement membrane also becomes involved adversely.

If the protein in urine can not be controlled, it can cause serious further damage to her kidneys. Because when proteins leak into urine, they have to pass through the glomeruli. Extra protein can stick on renal capsule and glomerul. Extra protein can cause toxicity, thus causing further damage to glomeruli.

So the most important treatment is to restore the impaired glomeruli and stop further damage to the glomeruli. The Top Seven Treatment are all based on traditional Chinese Herb Medicine, they are the proper treatment to lower the protein leak .”

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