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Shrink Kidney in Chronic Kidney Disease is It Possible to Reverse

2014-10-07 15:26

Shrink Kidney in Chronic Kidney Disease is It Possible to ReverseShrink kidney also known as kidney atrophy or kidney shrinkage, refers to a Kidney Disease Condition in which the loss of nephrons cause a smaller sized kidney. Once you got it, you may experience painful urination, frequent urination, blood urine or backache. This disease really affect people’s daily life, so people are looking some ways to solve those problems caused by it. Then is it possible to reverse the shrink kidney in Chronic Kidney Disease ?

Kidney shrunk is caused by long-terms of kidney disease, so if you want to reverse it you need to find the underlying reasons, then make corresponding treatment plans to solve all the problems induced by it. Before cure it, imaging procedures such as CT scan and MRI can surely help in the diagnosis of renal atrophy is needed to make further diagnosis, that can help doctor know clear the disease.

Besides a series of tests, a proper and timely treatment is the key point. If your disease is in the early stage of Chronic Kidney Disease, some medicines or hormonotherapy can help to control it or delay the progression of the disease to some extent. But if your disease has fall into the advanced stage of this disease, dialysis or Micro-Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy are necessary to apply, both of them can help you to live better and longer. The difference is, unlike dialysis, Micro- Chinese Medicine Osmotherapy is an innovation and improvement of traditional Chinese Herb Medicine, it can cure this disease in a more natural way. In addition, it can improve the kidney function by repairing the damaged kidney nephrons and protecting the remaining ones.

Although, Shrink kidney in Chronic Kidney Disease is hard to reverse, but with the help of proper and timely treatment, patient can live with it for a long time.


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