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Is Kidney Disease with Creatinine 1.7 Reversible

2014-10-14 17:12

Is Kidney Disease with Creatinine 1.7 ReversibleIs kidney disease with creatinine 1.7 reversible ? In the past, kidney disease can not be reversed. But to date, with the help of proper treatment, this disease in the early stage can be cured. That means kidney disease with creatinine 1.7 is reversible.

Creatinine is one of the important indicator of kidney function, the normal range should be less than 1.3. From the number 1.7 we can know it is higher than the normal level, but not too high. In clinic, it is now in stage 2 chronic kidney disease, that indicate the kidney function is damaged mildly. Even this, if you left it untreated, the disease will goes worse, even kidney failure.

Chinese Herb Medicine can help to stop the progression of this disease, if you are lucky enough, you may get a chance to reverse it. The Chinese Herb Medicine we mentioned is not a single therapy, they are a series ones based on it. During the treatment, they will cooperate with each other so as to achieve a better curative effect. The most well-known therapy are the Top Seven Treatments, they are used widely in curing kidney disease. If you want to know more details of them, you can click here.

From the above we know that even the mildly kidney damage can lead to kidney failure without timely treatment, so do monitor your conditions closely. Once you find any uncomfortable, go to see your doctor and make further diagnosis in time, that can help you avoid big disease.

Now you know that kidney disease with creatinine 1.7 is reversible now, so do not worry about it, just take the chance to cure it, you will be ok. If you need any help in curing your disease, do not hesitant to contact our online doctor, we are here waiting to help you.

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